Monty Alexander lp recommendations

I have Threesome and really like it....and the vinyl sounds amazing. His catalog is so vast...if I really like the energy and (pop/melody) of Threesome...what would you recommend next?
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Love and Sunshine. If you like Monty Alexander, you'll love that record. He's a little too busy for my taste, but that's me.
If your ears can stand cd or SACD, "Ray Brown / Monty Alexander / Russell Malone" is a great album.
Monty's album Ivory and Steel: Jamboree is a tribute to his jamaican heritage, featuring a couple of great steel drummers, and some great jazz versions of famous jamaican songs. It also happens to be a great sounding LP.
Thanks Guys!
Another vote for Ivory and Steel. Lots of fun! I heard Monty Alexander about 20 years ago in a small club with no more than 40 people present. He puts on a great performance!
"Uplift" and "Uplift 2" ..... both are really good.