Montreal vs Toronto for Vinyl shopping

Montreal is one of my favorite destinations for vinyl shopping, Aux 33 tours being my favorite shop. I have also done pretty well at Beatnik, in the same area. I heard Toronto has an abundance of Vinyl shops, and wanted to know what others think. I am planning a trip for September. Cheers -Don
Montreal is one of my favorite destinations for vinyl shopping, Aux 33 tours being my favorite shop.

Agree, I love Aux 33 tours.

When I covered the Montreal High End show Aux 33 had a nice shop set up on one floor. I bought so many LPs I had issues getting them on board my return flight to USA.

I’d be in trouble if they were local. Well informed folks about all kinds of music and an excellent selection.

The Montreal Show had a lot of interesting music for demo compared to most US shows. Some of the songs I heard at that show are now an important part of my library.
When it comes to vinyl original pressing and audiophile jazz is what I'm into.
On a recent visit to Toronto I found Cosmos's west...a superb collection of high end rare Japanese pressings and original press jazz...Highly recommended.
Sonic Boom is huge and worth a visit also.
Yes Albert- I have had some nice finds there. Most recently a nice copy of The Beach Boys: Sunflower. It's an Orange label, and appears to be an early pressing. They also specialize in Japanese LP's. I believe Pierre (the owner) has a nice connection for Japanese imports, because there is always plenty of them. I have passed on many titles, because they were Japanese pressings. I'm not sold on them, especially at the 3-4 times the cost of US or Canadian pressings.
They also had a “bootleg” butcher block Beatles LP with alternate cuts. I have the original but had to have that one as well.

At that same show I heard a cut from the LP, “I’m New Here,” by Gil Scott-Heron (2010). It stopped me in my tracks and fortunately AUX 33 tours had it in stock at that show.

I bought two copies and still listen to it frequently. An amazing piece of music as well as being a well recorded LP.

Also picked up a “clear” Classic Records 45 RPM LP box set titled “Reunion,” by Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. An amazing performance and super pressing.

I also a heard a cut by Felix Laband, ”Dirty Nightgown,” being played in one room. That experience caused me to purchase every LP available by him and I’m currently expecting two copies of his new release, “Deaf Safari,” from his record producer in Germany.

Felix Laband will not appeal to most people, his music is abstract and minimalist electronic and requires some patience to get into.

I can’t remember how many I bought but I was almost refused boarding back to USA due to size and weight of all the LPs.
Thanks- Acoustic Sounds still has I'm New Here in stock. Albert- Beatnik is no Aux 33, but it's a pretty good shop. It's right on St Denis, off Mont Royal, where of course Aux is located. I tried 3-4 more shops in Montreal, and they were a big letdown. I think Aux is the place though. Oddmorning- thanks for the heads up on COSMOS WEST and SONIC BOOM. Will check them out next month.
Lots of vinyl in TO. I have 5 shops that are within a 15 minute walk of my downtown office. HMV, and Play de Record at Yonge and Gould. Kops and Amoroso at Queen and McCaul. Around again at Baldwin near McCaul.
Thanks very much Banerjba. I should be busy there. I had not heard of Amoroso or Around again. Here's my list beyond those: COSMOS West, GOOD MUSIC,ROTATE THIS, KOPS, SONIC BOOM,SUNRISE, VORTEX, JUNE RECORDS, DISCOVERY RECORDS, GRASSHOPPER, TINY RECORD SHOP. SOUNDSCAPES, SHE SAID BOOM.
Good list - sadly, both locations of Sunrise on Yonge closed earlier this year.
Toronto was a nice trip. Lots of great food, highlighted by the Neapolitan style pizza at Pizzeria Libretto.
All the great choices made it difficult to come back to the Albany area. Cosmos West(Pop/Rock)was a waste of time.
It was very overpriced. I didn't quite understand it, based on what they were offering. I never went around the corner to their jazz store, but I found out later that the Jazz side is quite good. I was told the rock side was an afterthought. This info came from another store owner, so I would think it's genuine advice. Rotate This (my favorite store name) was definitely worth checking out. Quite a bit of new stuff, with some used mixed in. JUNE Records on College had a decent selection of USED, probably the best I ran in to. Sonic Boom is a must too, but mostly for NEW. Their selection of used was in front, but not abundant. A very busy store, so I'm sure they buy and sell a lot of used. Play De Record was a little seedy, but I even found an LP there. In summary, I really liked SONIC BOOM and JUNE. I ran out of time, so I missed some of the others. There are a few on College Street, which is also a nice area.