Montreal Symphony

I just heard a cryptic note on our local classical music station, "Selection by Charles Dutoit (sp?) and the Montreal Symphony, recently broken up."

Can anyone give the details of this statement? It can be interpreted many ways. I have a recording by them of Debussy, a set which is one of the great recordings of all time. Victor Campos used to broadcast it on "Adventures in Sound." A great time was to attend the Grand Prix and catch the Symphony in the evening, and then dine in "Old Montreal." Bien sur...
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While I don't know all the details Mr. Dutoit was known for his ability to be "tough" with his musicians and apparently one or more of them lodged a complaint some time ago. I guess the incident was reviewed by the powers that be and Charlie was found to be in the wrong. I guess he felt that his style of management did not mesh with the current culture so he left (or maybe he was asked to leave...)
Never the less Dutoit and the MSO have put out some wonderful work which will live on indefinately...
The easiest place for the full story is the website under the news archive. In short, the musicians union accused Dutoit of being abusive (and other things) in a public statement. That statement was issued while he was out of town. He immediately resigned and would not reconsider despite some back pedaling on the part of the musicians. This has caused quite a stir in the arts management world and has been extensively reported on by the speciality arts news sources and the Montreal papers (also available on the web).
Alas all artisits used to tolerate these outbursts a bit more. Too much political correctness or perhaps a deeper current? is a GREAT resource! Thanks Pls1!
"Dutoit quits after accusations" says the July issue of GRAMMOPHONE.
If you want I e-mail you the full article.
I think this is really a shame. Dutoit was one of the greatest with that orchestra. His Rite Of Spring recording with MSO for me is by far the best available.
If you can find it, get the video "The Maestro and the Diva" - Dutoit and the MSO with Nathalie Choquette. It is
hilarious, and I really enjoyed the singing.