Montana speakers, musical? Good Value????

Hi all.
Wanted to know if Montana speakers are worth the coin, are they in general musical? Analytical? most curious of the EPS model.... good bass and soundstage with musical detail (if that make sense) is what I am after.
thanks all!
I have owned two pairs of SP2s in the last three years (long story) and I can say they are highly musical speakers. Not the last word in resolution or bass extension, but you won't really be thinking about that. They just draw you into the music. I have not heard the larger offerings.

You must hear them for yourself, just like any other speaker. In general I've found them to be very musical, with a softer top end than you will find on speakers having ribbons or metal tweeters. In that regard they are very enjoyable without fatigue. But they do convey all the detail you need - it's just not in your face like the metals are.

Soundateging is a factor of your room and speaker placement. Almost any speaker will soundstage well if set up properly (and not, if set up poorly).

Good luck,
Montana is a well respected brand. I've only heard their mid-line offerings and walked away quite impressed. They remind me of Dunlavys with far better cosmetics.

If you are considering a purchase you might want to change the name of one of your virtual systems.
I owned EPS's for about 3 years. I was happy till I started to play with horns first;then moved to Merlin mm's then Wilson Sophia. Everything I owned after the EPS told me while they have great tuneful bass they are a bit recessed in the upper range. (While the Merlin's bass was practically non existent.) I owned the MM's for about 5 months and always longed for the bass the Montana gave to the music. I just think Sophia gives you the best of both upper and lower---(Till I can afford whatever new/ best floats my boat.) If you could graft the lower section of the EPS to a Merlin-- that would be "IT".
So they have good detail but not harsh and in your face high? If so that might be the ticket, my wife thinks the Innersound Eros are too bright. The Montana would seem a good very listenable speaker.
i would again look into the tyler acoustics. they use one of the best tweeter which is the SEAS MILLENIUM. i have two pairs of his speakers and what is reported as not in your face is also true of the tyler acoustic lines esecially with the millenium tweeter. i do not know how big your room is so its going to be dependent on that as well. the floor standing linbrook signature monitor is a great all around speaker that works well in most rooms that are medium to large. also the speakers are easy to drive. no short cuts with ty on build quality or drivers used.

I have Montanas epx' and sp2's. I find the epx' a little bright with some recordings so I wouldn't consider them soft up top. They replaced Martin logan Prodigies in my system and while they don't possess the holographic imaging of the electrostats, they are very close with a much better feel of the mids and bass. How big is your room?
I thought I saw a redisign ad for the eps's in one of the magazines a few months back.
Hi James, my room is 14.5 X 19 speakers are 9 feet apart, 40in from back wall and I am about 11 feet from panels...the goal here is to capture some of the panel magic but make my wife happy with wider sweet spot and more dynamic sound (Ithink they sound fine IN THE SPOT) but for her to be happy it is gonna no doubt be a cone and dome.
Hi All,

The EPS have been redesigned almost a year ago - it now utilizes custom SEAS drivers and ofcause a completely redesigned cross-over as welll as a better optimized enclusure (please do not ask for the x-over schematic :-), see prior post).

We introduced the EPS2 at the CES in January this year (10 months ago) In addition we have had 2 fullpage ads in TAS announcing the EPS2, we advertise there with a full page every issue - we rotate our diffrent models in the ads.

Just wondering since you guys are supposed to be the experts how come none of you are "up" on the new model. Your suggestions on how to better communicate with the end customers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hey Pete,
You know I an really wanting to buy a pair but now that I met you I am not sure...why be such an ass to everyone?
I asked about the model I was interested in, because I cant afford the new model....get off your perch before somebody knocks you off, maybe I need look elsewhere for speakers that both sound good and offer good cutomer relations.

I'm not quite sure how to interpret your post. I in no way feel or have had the intention to offend anyone so, Chadnliz, could you please be a little more specific in explaning how you feel that I have, in your words, been an "ass". Also, I'm not quite sure how you have come to the conclusion that my postings have made the impression on you that I'm on "a perch"

In my oppinon my recent - and only posts - have only inquired about why any one would want a cross-over schematic for a very popular speaker and then explained why I do not think that is in good business to release such and in conclusion inquired about how to better communicate our product offerings to the end-customer.

In closing please let me point out that I communicate in the complete open, you only offer your oppinion under your screen name which of cause is from a quite perspective.

How in the hell can you call Peter an ass? Exactly what was it in his post that alerted you to this? Seems like your reading comprehension is on a par with your writing articulation.

When he said
"Just wondering since you guys are supposed to be the experts how come none of you are "up" on the new model."

Thats what I thought was arrogant and smartass.
It's a valid question IMHO. But I do think his tongue was planted firmly in his cheek when he asked it. Not out of line at all in my book.

Response to Chadnliz...I've known Peter for many years. Trust me, you took what he wrote totally out of context. Peter is all about customer relations and would never intentionally try to offend someone. It's just not his nature. It would be a shame not to buy Montana's over a comment that was misunderstood. You would be missing out on a great speaker.
I know things can be taken wrong when it only read, I am too busy to mot shake that I am done with it all.
Hey Pete,
I did mention that I thought that the EPS had been updated (redesigned)in my reply. Keep advertising in TAS and that buzz will start to generate here and on the web. I found out about your gear through another Audiogoner and ended up purchasing based upon his recommendation. I could not be happier with the decision. I do like the updated website.