Montana Speakers? Have they fizzled out?

They got a lot of press a few years ago, now their flagships are on Audiogon at a small fraction of their cost.

Not sure what you mean to imply by "fizzled out", but I assume the favorable press they garnered stands firm and holds as true as the magnificent sound of these rock-solid performers.
My whole system builds on the Montana bedrock of a pair of KASs. pair of XPs, custom center, and dual stock centers for rears. Just listened with great glee (moving precariously close to unbridled delight) to the DVHS version of DAY AFTER TOMORROW.
I too have seen the offerings appearing here -- one was for the monumental WAS model -- and can only salivate about having more space, more money and the kind of confidence in sending multiple thousands over the internet (as well as confidence in shipping services successfully delivering 800 lb works of art in pristine condition!) that currently keep those utopian aspirations at bay -- just as well, I really don't need anything else -- not something I ever had occaision to think with other speakers.
In fact, every time I listened to whatever I had before I ended up thinking: have to start all over, speakers ain't making it. Not to mention I don't know how many drivers and amps I blew out trying to get to where I wanted to be -- not here -- as hard as I drive these with 5K watts at hand, they are maintenance free in the years I've owned them -- all I have to think about is how lucky I was to hear them when I did -- no telling how many more thousands lost and even the risk of ending up still dissatisfied but resigned, that I was spared from exposure to this line.

I'm afraid that is all going to sound so rapturous as to make a company affiliation seem suspect -- I assure you there is none, but like the Stereophile writer who reviewed then purchased, this is my Valhalla after endless missteps.
I have never heard their flagship offerings, but I am on my second pair of SP2 Signatures after foolishly selling the first. I have owned speakers from Magnepan, Von Schweikert, Meadowlark, Roman Audio,.....etc..., but none have captured my soul like the Montanas.

Oh my gosh! If all is well with those WAS's for sale, grab them! Grab them now! That's a fantastic price for speakers that are absolutely incredible. I own the WAS's and find them to be smooth throughout the range -- they pick up details and provide slam without beign fatiguing or overwhelming. For whomever has the room for these large and heavy speakers, I urge you to go for them!

This reminds me of those ads where Crazy Harry is having a special weekend sale. Unless something is wrong with those speakers, I'd suggest someone would have to be crazy to sell them at this price ;-)
I agree with Ozzy62 about the Montana SP II's they are
some of the most musical speakers EVER!! I miss mine.
You don't see them that often and for good reason.
If I did not have the Hyperion HPS 938's, that would
be the speaker I would go back to.
I didn't bother to check that the WASs were still being offered when responding initially to this topic, but from your post assumed that they were and doublechecked -- I had seen them appear in NEW TODAY when they first rolled though. Can you believe that when I did rediscover them, I underwent the sudden irrational yet irrepressible flash of a notion that your post should be suppressed somehow for fear that someone might learn of this complete steal and snatch up MY speakers?!

Actually, I had reluctantly, upon sober moments reflection, realized that my budget and space considerations among others militate against the prospect of claiming this deal of the century, but somehow just knowing they are there still allows me the dream -- ultimately, of course, I will have to forget that they are there or actually hope some other fortunate enriches his life before I do something rash.
I have the SPIIs. I think there are a lot of Montana owners out there who just watch the other "flavor of the month" speakers come & go.
Maich, I know what you mean. I just hope they find a good home with someone who loves them ;-)
I recently acquired a pair of EPX's and the sp-2's for my system. I couldn't be happier. The guy that sold me the sp-2's just sent me an email

"Hi. You probably remember me...I sold you the pair of Montana SP 2 speakers. Well, it is a crazy hobby we have. I missed the Montana SP 2s so much that I bought another pair; SP 3s this time. Just couldnot seem to get a replacement with the midrange and musicality that the Montanas' possessed. Hope you are enjoying yours."

I didn't have the heart to tell him how much better the epx's sound.
I think that the problem with selling them is the large size and shipping logistics. You are talking 150-300lbs per speaker depending on the model. I have no affiliation with PBN but the other 2 sets I have purchased off of a'gon have all come from sellers that were changing the color to match their surroundings. Highly recommended.
FYI -- the WAS's for sale are older so have different cross-overs than the newer WAS's. For full disclosure, this is per someone affiliated with Montana. It always pays to listen before buying, if possible.
I read the question with intrest "Montana Loudspeakers? Have they fizzled out". Well as far as I know, PBN Audio (the manufacturer of Montana Loudspeakers) has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 10 years. Distrbution in 5 country's Various good reviews on multiple models and an average sales growth of over 20% per year (according to stereophile press release a couple of years ago) are quite an accomplishment in the tweeky high end audio business. The Mighty WAS loudspeakers for sale on line are expensive (although quite a deal on the 'Gon) and Quite large! I owned a pair for Three years and still believe they are the best I have ever heard. I played with B&W, Magnapan, Thiel and various electrostats and subs. There is nothing on earth like the Big WAS in a Large room. Alas, I too sold mine. My new dedicated theater 14'6" X 21" was a pressure pot with 4 15" woofers and 500 watts of power. I imagine the gentleman selling his (in a quite elaborate finish I might add) is a little cramped with the monsters in his smallish listening room. BIG speakers need a some room to open up and sing. As for me I have a pair of custom Montana EPX on order. And I can't wait to here them!
Average sales growth of 20%? -- now here's something to test what type of person you are -- take the funds you might invest in one of their models and instead buy into the company -- that is if they are publicly traded.

Got to say -- I think I am much more an instant gratification type and want the speakers. Or maybe I should just say not affluent enough to have all I can dream of!
Hi all. Jamesg quoted my response to him regardng the Montana SP IIs that I sold him. Let me reiterate and say that I did indeed regret selling my SP IIs as these were the most musical speakers I have ever heard; among them dynaudio
Contour 3.4, 1.8 mkII, medowlark kestral & osprey, soliloquy, vienna acoustics, triangle, etc. etc. etc. The defining attribute was (and still is in my opinion) a crystal clear, delicate and truly life-like sounding mid-range. Like Barry Willis wrote in his Stereophile review, "as though the performers were present in the room", at least a paraphrase of it. These speakers, while not forcefull at the lowest bottom octave, have a tight, controlled and body-felt thump, and the highs are smooth and liquid as I have ever heard. I must say that I am quite happy that I sold my SP IIs.....because if I had not I would have never obtained the SP IIIs, for which I got a killer deal in the most beautiful birdseye maple finish. In summary, I believe that I will grow old with these speakers since they provide my the essence of music and the reason why I am into hifi at all. I realize that much of this hobby is subjective likes and dislikes, but my advice is to build a system around the speakers, not the electronics. With the Montana SP IIIs my sytem has come into its own and I am happy as a clam.

Regards to all.
One more thing...I have bought and sold at least a dozen speakers on Audiogon. My experience is that used speakers sell for roughly half retail cost, specifically those in the 8/10-9/10 rating. I agree with Jamesg the larger/heavier model such as Montana EPX, Wilson, etc. can actually sell for less than half because of the shipping hassles with moving them. The recent pair of Montana SP IIIs I bought were nearly new (less than one year with 4 years still under warranty) and flawless in every way (better yet because I do not have to break them in). My cost for these were again less than half retail, but the sellser probably could have gottem more on the open used-market (I found them through word of mouth).
I have a pair of 1yr old KAS speaks. Now I bought these to crank up and not worry about anything(within reason). So far I've gone through 2- Parasound 5.1 amps now I'm on my second Aragon 3005. Everything is bi-wired, $5000. speaker cables and so on. But after almost a song same ol' stuff,Keep blowing fuses or tripping amp to shut off. Very ebarassing when showing off your system. I realize that I turn it up louder than the average bear, but I thought the amps mentioned could handle it. Any suggestions? I feel I need a monster pair of mono amps to get the most out of these guys. Let me know, Thanx. G
Inspex, I owned the KAS's for a long time and never had a problem but it sounds like you are certainly having one. The Aragon 3005 should drive it pretty well -- at least on paper. I'm interpreting your post as saying that your amp blows fuses or shuts down whenever you really turn it up.

Four quick questions: 1) Have you talked to your dealer about it? 2) Does it work well if it is not cranked up? 3) How cranked up is cranked up? 4) Does it blow immediately upon cranking it up or does it take awhile (btw, how hot is the amp when it blows)?
I really like to crank it up, the audiogon is ok for home theater only, but that is just me. I do like how the speakers sound. Any suggestions on amps. I'm looking into Peters line, Pass Labs x-600, Krell fcp 400. Are tubes the way to go? Is there a big difference in class A amps? Any input would be greatful. Thank you, Gregg
"Complete and Utterly" over-priced! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder just as sound is in the ear of the listener! I have auditioned many so-called high end speakers over the years in which the speaker companies appears to be pulling the price tags out of their ass! The best sounding speaker I have ever heard to date, is the Realistic Minimus 7's made by "Radio Shack" back in the early 80's. The cost was a mere $49.95 ea.

Are you saying the Montana line is "Complete and Utterly" over-priced? Where else can you get near world class performance for the prices Peter charges?

Trolling, trolling, trolling...

Don't fall into the trap, Oz. As the moniker says, he's in Disneyland.
The reason you don't see Montana advertising is that repeat customers,
And word of mouth do his advertising or him.he is a small company
And likes it that way.not many companies hand wind the Xover inductors
Or matched pairs of drivers to under 1 db. Magazines charge upto
$5k just per month which is a rip off. Word to the wise ,Don't be to
Magazine driven,it is only a reference. Many owners donot have time
For forums.

I don't know how you found a thread that seemingly died 6 years ago, but I am glad you brought it back from the dead.

I own the XPs (not XPS) and also a center. These speakers have never sounded as good in my system as the guy I brought them from. They have always sounded a little too hot for me and bass-shy.

That being said, I am guessing those short-comings have more to do with synergy, or lack thereof in my system, than with the speakers themselves.

I am currently using a Butler amp (5150) but I think I need to go solid state with these and also high-current. I definitely did not think things through when I purchased the speakers. They have been a mismatch for my room and the equipment I used. I mean, they were $15K retail at the time I bought them and I am certain I have never give them a chance with the equipment I bought (could afford).

I am going to try them in a different configuration in the room (along the short wall) and also move them downstairs to a room much larger in size. So, suggestions for amps? I am considering Class D such as Hypex Ncore. As much as I would like to try Pass, or even PBN's own amps - they are just too far out of my budget range, even used.
Maybe take a look at Liberty Audio. Peter has a new amp there that sells direct and may be in your price range, and obviously it should have some synergy with PBN speakers since he builds both. Doubt it would add any warmth though if that's what you need or are looking for. Best of luck.
NCore based (Merrill Audio) and H2O amps both sounded great on my WAS-2. Was with a tube preamp though, FWIW.
Other pieces of equipment in the chain are a Lector Zoe pre-amp and a Raysonic CD-128 CD player. Personally, I think all of these pieces are fine in their own right but, as I mentioned before, it may be a synergy issue or, probably more likely, the room.
I have a pair of ESPIIs and have always wondered why they were not discussed much on this forum. The sound, to my ears, is very musical and I cant imagine trading "up".
NOT!! The best loudspeaker on the planet. Period!!
I used both nf ores,and a Wyred M amps
Digital is good to a point.

For similar moneys the New VanAlstine Synergy 450 I recently bought much better depth and control with a Vacuum tube type character.the 12 regulated Power supplies allow it to operate at it's best and runs real cool.