montana, pbn audio

anyone outhere using montana audio speakers or pbn electronics?
Best speakers (anywhere) Im a retired builder and Ive owned everything from Wilson, JM Labs to Vandertseen model5a's and the Montanas kill the lot. Had the local Wilson rep come by my place- I had Peters $9000 speakers in one of my rooms and the rep said(these speakers KILL his )watt puppy 8's in every way. Peter is one of the two best speaker builders in the country.
I owned EPS for 3 years and I do not share anything close to how Clem7 describes them. How this came about to me was; I decided to go SET and proper horn speakers. (Lowther)SURE,all the wonderful bass was gone but the mids made it seem like I had had a hores blanket over the Montana speakers. This may sound as a harsh desciption but is the exact words for how I felt. I frequently listen 15 feet away; while online. It was just that obvious to me.
The amps I was using at.about that time: CJ5's CJ8's Jadis def.7/4 --thruought that 3year period.--Then I went w/ Merlin--bass/low dynamics mia.--sold them.
I have since gone to Wilson Soph.2 and finally got ALL the magic of all 3 speakers.( In that each speaker did something very well)
I've owned the PBN EPS2 for 7 years and now the XPS signature. 

I agree with Clem7....

Wislon's aren't the most overpriced speakers......that accolade belongs to Magico.