Montana KAS Vs Aerial 20T

Deciding between Montana KAS and Aerial 20T. Wondering if any one has opinion on which is the better speaker; range, imaging and etc.
I don't cotton to either brand.
I suggest that you get a speaker that has so soiundingme life to it !These speakers are dulled, very muted and overdamped sounding. The KAS in particular has always left me wondering . Did some one forget to take out or unpack the protective foam? It sound like your lstening through a wall. The Ariels sound like they are as inert as stone not much by way of layering or beneficial harmonics. It is an anehoic rock .
Mechans - Have you actually ever listened to any of these ? - your description is so far of the mark that I wonder if you have.

Ronwangu - my best advise is to find a place where you can actually hear the speakers - which ever sound right to you is the one for you.

Good luck !

My not-so-young brain cannot resolve "anehoic" nor "Ariels" anymore, but my ears (obviously also not-so-young anymore) can hear that the speaker described as "inert as stone" is capable of resolving the finest details of what was preserved on whatever media - exceeding at times what I know is 'natural' because I just don't hear such details in live performances (not anymore - they are just not there!. This is not the speakers fault; the recording industry has come a long way indeed - and is going too far at times, but this is another discussion point). I have the AA 20T v2, which I think are very, very good speakers, and I have not heard the KAS.
both are incredible....but not a world away from your kef's. as a 'last' speaker, the montanas's get the nod for the quasi-duntech look.
Highly appreciate your inputs. That a speaker may be laid back or as Mechans would dsecribe "inert" is to me not a bad attribute. I do not like speakers that are too bright. I remember in my early days as an audiophile I was in an audio store, I auditioned Paradigm Studio 100 V2, and another speaker by Definitive Technology. That Definitve Technology speaker was so loud and bright. Those type of speakers in my opinion would not be suited for a 2 channel high quality listening experience. Home Theater; may be. The Paradigm on the other hand was very crisp, laid back and produced beautiful music. I bought the Paradigm. So if the Montana KAS is laid back, it's probably the kind of speaker I'm looking for. I have always coveted the Montana speakers for their apparent build quality and reviews, but never heard one. I did hear Aerial model 9 a long time ago and I thought it was great, but a little bit on the bright side. I never heard the 20T.
I have owned both the Montana Kas (375 lbs each speaker) and the Aerial 20T (270 lbs each speaker). Both are excellent speakers, but the big difference is height of
each, the KAS is a tower speaker around 70" and the Aerial 20T is a two-part speaker 48" high. I found the Montana KAS sound reproduction capabilities more suited to a large room setting. KAS'love to be played loud and if one has a fetish for playing music at high decibel levels, then these speakers are wonderful speakers for listening in a large roomy setting. In a small room area, they are too overpowering and your ears will suffer. In comparing the Montana Kas to the Aerial 20T, the difference begins with the factor of size, but if one is seeking a very comfortable pair of speakers, that one can listen to low for quiet music listening on a sofa, then the 20T is a fine choice. The Kas' are not as suited to listening to on
low quiet listening levels. You can but the KAS Speaker thrive when played sonically high. I want to add, however, that the 20T speakers are no slouch if one wants to play music a little loud. Granted their loud sound capabilities are accoustically softer when compared to the loud-playing Montanas. The sound of the 20T is clean, clear and very comfortable to listen to. I did not find them taxing to my ears as the KAS will do over several hours of continuous listening. Knowing what I know of each of these speakers, the 20T or the new version Aerial 20T (Series 2) is more ideally suited for those of us who have a moderate 20x15 room dimension setting. The Montana will suffocate and overpower a small stereo room setting, as I painfully learned the hard way. A tall tower speaker like the KAS breathes and performs best when their sonic power can be spread over a larger room area. Your stereo room size will dictate which speaker will work best
for you.
Good advice by Michael that unfortunately is all too forgotten on these threads - the speaker/room relationship is the most critical one.

Is your room any smaller than the 20x15 size that Michael listed on the "small" end? If so - then both of these speakers are far too large for your room.
OP was in 09, with no posts since then. Wonder what they did?

By the way, I think of my eps2s as playing pretty well at low volumes; are the KASs different in this regard?

I have the Montana EPS2s and like them very much, at either loud or low levels. Not overly bright.
I agree, Kendavid. A particular strength of the Montanas is detail without earbleeding hi-fi highs. J