Montana EPX opinions?

Has anyone auditioned/bought the Montana EPX speakers? There haven't been any reviews done on them as far as I know, and I'm curious what people think of them.
Marc, I've owned the KAS's and currently own the WAS's. I believe the reviews that are on the Montana website for the SP (SP3) and EPS's are generally applicable to the entire line. The speakers are very realistic with a smooth frequency response. Both delicate and passionate passages are well reproduced and you don't have to be in the sweet spot to love these speakers. They are not as open and airy as electrostatics, but to my ears, they have more weight and presence. I believe that Art Peloso (407-888-8900) is the key US distributor. I recently asked him to recommend a speaker that would have a nice WAF, would provide deep bass, would provide the midrange/tweeter transparency I enjoy in the WAS's and would be able to fill a pretty good size room with music. He recommended the EPX's since they apparently have the same midrange/tweeter as the WAS's and their quad 10" woofer design can fill a room with bass as needed. Give Art a call to see whether you could demo these speakers. By the way, I receive no kickbacks and own no interest in the company, but I do love their products (and I really did have his phone number right next to my keypad since I just called him the other day).
I demo'ed some used Montana's & thought they sounded incredible. Realistic & punchy, a very natural presentation. Unfortunately for me they were a little too small for my needs so I had to pass on them.

I don't think there is much press on these speakers but let your ears be the judge.