Montana EPS2 Speakers

Are these good for the price
They are excellent for all types of music. They are more than good for the price. I've driven them with an Airtight ATM-1 amp (40 watts per channel) quite nicely. But they really like more power than that. Your BAT VK75 SE sould do the trick. There's a couple of pair for sale used right now for about $5000.
Thanks. I have Nola Viper 2as that Iam thinking of trading in.
Kendavid what didnt you like about the Nola Viper's ?
I have had a pair of the SPX's for years and love them. I have spent a lot of time listening to the EPS at the dealer where I got my SPX. If I could have gotten a pair for what you would pay I would have jumped on them. I don't think you will be sorry. I drive mine Parasounds Halo amps and am very happy.
I liked the Vipers very much. They just did not fill the room and did not have that much base. The Montanas are large and have much more of a presence. I traded in the Bat 75Se and got the solid state Bat250. Theoretically it was a step down, but the tubes were too hot and I have a tube pre amp, dac, and cd player and did not want to worry about trying to figure out which tubes were causing a problem when the time came.

I am very happy with the setup. Next is a power conditioner.
Any thoughts on any of the Montana line for smaller rooms, nearer front wall placement? I've been intrigued by the Montanas, but they do run large (the PBN site lists the EPX at a "mere" 150 lbs), and I've a limited room. John
It is not how heavy they are, but how wide and deep. See if the dimensions are good for your room. Call up the company and speak to the owner. He is a very nice guy.
I have the EPS2's and I think they are excellent. These are my second pair of Montana's and I'm hooked. The best thing about these speakers is that they work for ALL kinds of music and at ALL volume levels.

They do need power however, I've tried to run them with 100 watts of tube power and it does not work.
Thanks Kendavid. I gather it's not just the dimensions but the design; speakers much smaller than many of the Montanas need to be placed further into the room than I can afford in my living room. I've got some limitations regards the speakers dimensions, but placement is more of a problem. I did email Montana; the apparently forwarded it to a dealer, who sent me some info. John