Monster X-terminators vs. Audioquest banana plugs?

I just bought a pair of Cardas Quadlink 5-c speaker cables and the spade lugs are slightly too small for the bindng posts of my Cardas Omega Super 3R (ironically, they use Cardas binding posts).

I used to own Monster x-terminators many years ago and know that they really create a very solid connection.

I don't remember how they sound and am wondering if I should buy two pairs of Monster X-terminators or 4 Audioquest 1002-g banana plug to spade adapters.
Cardas has spade to banana adapters too. Actually, I think they list them as their banana plugs, but they do accept spades.
I personally have had very good results with Audioquest bananas. I used them with Audioquest speaker wire and Audioquest spades. They fit like a glove.

I have not used the X-terminators, however, everyone I know that tried them said they were harmful to the sound.

I think when it comes to connectors, less is more. Less medal more sound.
Is the distance between those the individual plugs in the Cards dual banana plug post adjustable?

And just to confirm, that adapter is designed allow spade lug terminated speaker wire (I think 1/4 spades in my case) with standard banana posts (Cardas ones I think), and they are not mean for soldering purposes?
On the Cardas, you can remove the plastic dual holder if you want. The individual bananas just snap into it. The distance between the bananas in the holder, is the industry standard. You can also just buy the bananas seperately if you don't need the plastic holder:

The Cardas lets you use your current terminated spade connectors and turn them into banana connectors. I have several of these Cardas bananas and they work great.
I found that the Cardas eventually loose their grip and when using thick spades they fall out too easily.
Also a couple of the shafts bent. They need improvement.

The Monster ones do have a very good grip but you cannot stack another into it.
Can you confirm that those Cardas banana plug adapters accept 1/4 inch spades?

I e-mailed Cardas earlier today, but haven't heard back from them yet.
Just decided to purchase the Audioquest gold ones.

Audio Advisor website says they accept 1/4 inch spades.

Cardas spades I have look like they are actually 5/16, but for some reason don't fit onto Omega Super 3R Cardas binding posts (also had to snap onto Jolida JD-102b binding posts).
Use a dremel and grind the a 1/16 off the spades.