Monster X-Terminator Source?

Haven't been able to find these. Looking for 4 to adapt my Quad ESL57s for spade terminated speaker wire. The Quad banana jacks suck so I figure a locking adapter would make things more secure.
It will be more secure, but they sound bad.
The Audioquest spade to banana adaptor is good!
Yeah, the sound problem is a problem and I've heard others mention it now. I will probably just go with the Audioquest even though they don't lock into place. Thanks for the help!
I would be possible to use WBT locking banana.
The opening is rather large where the wires go in.
If you have spades on your wires, you might be able to just trim the spade off the crimped portion and insert the crimped portion into the WBT socket.
This is a sloppy fix, but give you locking bananas.
And the wires can be converted back to spades with another set of WBT spades similar tothe bananas...
(I use WBT speaker connectors and love them)

Otherwise the AudioQuest bananas which a spade is attached to the banana is the next best bet.
Try Cardas CABD Dual Banana Plugs.
I agree with Audioquest bananas.
i believe the xterminators are not manufactured anymore
"i believe the xterminators are not manufactured anymore"

That's a good thing. All connectors do something to the sound and the wrong connector can make or break your system. Monster XTerminators are system breakers.

This is why many audio enthusiasts prefer bare wire.