monster rca cable upgrading cables issues

I am trying to upgrade my cable, I am about to get jolida tube amp. I have bose 4001 direct reflect speakers. I know I have to get better one. Like most people out there, I have limited funds....

any way I am trrying to upgrade my rca cables.... I think I will connect to my old marantz cd-73, Like I mentione that I need to upgrade my rca cables too do you have any idea that I could purchase ok rca cables? I have no idea about them so please help me. I saw monster rca cables form cicuit city is it good
monster m 950i
monster m1000i
Kimber Kable Hero
Kimber PBJ are inexpensive and nice or nordost black knight/solar wind.

Monster M-1000i are very good for the money (especially used). I didn't find nothing that betters them for the price!
But I'm not sure about the combination Marantz-Monster. In my opinion, based on listening tests with various Marantz and Philips Cd players, they mate very good with Van den Hull cables (D 102mkIII comes to mind). I rate the M1000i higher (and they deserve a much better front end) then the Hull's but it's not the most synergistic combination with Marantz/Philips.
So with Marantz CD players my vote goes to Van den Hull.
Best regards!