Monster Power vs Panamax Conditioners

I'm looking at purchasing either a Monster Power HTS7000SS or a Panamax Max5510 Power Conditioner.

Can anyone make a recommendation based on experience?

Better off getting something that can handle some real current. I had a HTPS7000 but it's only good for about 3A of balanced power - not much, definitely not enough to run amps from.

I'd suggest something from Equitech - 1.5Q or 2Q. a 1.5Q will run a whole system, pretty much - at least it does mine. (SACD, 2 tube amps, tube preamp, TT, phono preamp (tubes), powered subwoofer, electrostatic speakers)

Look for a Powervar 12amp or a Oneac, either is infinitely better than the two you are considering (sorry, I owned them both and sold them)...and you can probably purchase them much cheaper.

A member here sells the big Powervar. I bought one from him and recommend his product and service. I also bought an 8amp Oneac on EBay for $25 (shipping included) Have had no issues either with sound or workmanship.

Good luck in your search.
I have both Monster and Panamax conditioners (a different one in each system). They are a couple of steps below what you are considering. I plug my receiver and amp directly into the wall, everything else into the condidtioners. In this way, they work fine.