Monster Microphone Cable to the rescue

I recently needed a 15 foot pair of cables to try a new subwoofer placement/configuration. So I went to the local Guitar Center and picked up a pair ( Performer 500 about $100 for the pair). These things sound great, at least for my pair of Revel Subs. Has anyone tried this cable or microphone cables in general. Anyone tried the Studio Pro 1000 Microphone Cable it has better specs and boasts a dedicated wire for bass?
I believe this cable my rival my expensive Synergistic Research.
Anyone else tried these cables and have info?
Here is the Monster website:
Try the Mogami cables. I did the same thing to locate my Revel B-15 and it works fine. The allegation is that Mogami wires more studios than anybody else, but again, in the audiophool world we have to have so much better than.....

I'd like to think that my Transparent Super cable sounds better, but I know such a claim would never survive blind testing.
I user a pair of Proco Lifelines microphone cables (about $60 for the pair) for my Entec subs with very good results. In general, I believe the pro-sound industry to be a good source of equipment for home audio at much cheaper prices than the high-end audio industry, possibly due to the much greater sales volume. Another example are a couple of Behringer products such as the DEQ2496 digitial processer and the DCX2496 active crossover.
I've made a number of custom length IC's using both Mogami and Canare microphone cable with either Canare or Vampire RCA's. The bulk cable and connectors are very inexpensive when bought from one of the vendors like and soldering up the connectors is quite easy even if you don't have a lot of experience. My impression is that high-quality microphone cable is what most vendors use as the basis for their products.

Building your own cables is a great way to free up cash that could make a bigger sonic difference applied somewhere else, or be put into buying more music.
i buy all my cables from the guitar center.