monster m1000 d?

has anyone used these and what do you think.... they were 100 $ and now there$50
Is this their silver conductored digital cable ? Sean
Compare the actual construction of a M1000D and a M1000V. They are the same cable and Monster charges a higher retail for the digital than the the same relabeled and repackaged video cable. Besides this obvious error in marketing judgement they sound the same as the still cheaper M500V.
Sean, Both the M1000d and M1000v are silver over copper construction. They differ in only two ways, package and price.
Tweak: Thanks for clarifying that and pointing out that one can get the same for less. That's never a bad thing to know : )

I have one of these that i bought from Audio Advisor when they were on sale and i had some type of a discount coupon. I think it cost me $35 at the time, which was not bad ( as far as cables go ).

From what i can remember, this cable sounds somewhat warm and thick. Upper mids are lacking, which creates problems with the upper harmonics of voice and spoken word. The mid-bass was somewhat wooly and ill-defined. The treble was not too bad but seemed a tad soft and lacking attack. I think that most of the sonic signature has to do with the dielectric being used and the fact that it has a foil shield.

In case you couldn't tell, it doesn't come across as the typical "silver sound" type cable. It might work okay in a system that was lean, forward and somewhat bright i.e. a receiver based system with an inexpensive digital front end. Since that is typically the market that buys a LOT of Monster products, i would say that they voiced the product to suite the needs of the people that would end up buying it.

As such, i would not consider this a "high resolution" or "transparent" cable by any means. It is more of a "flavoured" product that could be used as a "band aid" if you know what i mean. Not necessarily a bad thing, if that is what you are looking for. Just don't get you hopes up and think that you've found a "killer deal on a world beater" like i thought i did when i ordered it. : )

Same goes for the inexpensive Audioquest silver plated digital cable too. It too has its' high points but is not a great performer on the whole. I think that the Audioquest cable set me back something like $27 - $28 dollars with the same coupon. Sean