Monster HTS5000 Advice

Hi, anyone out there own the Monster HTS 5000 that has had good luck or would like to comment about it. I am think of purchasing one and would like some feedback. Much thanks
I would be very leery of it. I bought an HTS 1000. It created a hum in my preamp. My preamp was quieter plugged into a cheap surge protector. I realize the 1000 is not as high as the 5000 but had it not made a difference that would be one story but the Monster made it worse. I had better luck getting a cheap 16/3 extension cord, cutting the end off and braiding it. You can get new ends to fix the end so it will plug into your unit.
I have 2 HTS5000s and really appreciate the flexibility and noticable improvement in sonics (most recognized in darkness of background). But I suspose with these things being heavily discounted (got mine for about $350/piece new less shipping). I have the APS-13 17ft FM Antenna hooked up to several tuners (but only one at a time) and signal goes through HTS-5000 with very little signal decay. A telling tale is that Stereophile reviewed the HTS5000 head to head with the PS Audio 300 and found only minor, if any, differences (and Monster is not a heavy advertizer in Stereophile). One surge and you will be glad you have it. Let alone the ecologically irresponsible thought of running essentially another Power Amp just to supply power to a 45 watt DAC as you do with the PS Audio unit. Who has not heard about the world wide energy/electricity shortage. Energy comes at a huge ecological cost, it does not come from Santa or the tooth fairy no matter what George and Dick will tell you. Must admit, I live in a Class House in saying some of this because I run Class A Threshold amps. But incrementally trying to be less of an arrogant American energy pig.
Opps, did not finish one of thoughts above. With these things heavily discounted, I suppose there will be quality control problems some times (pressure to pump them out at low cost). But I have had zero problems with mine. Sorry about my spelling boo-faas (Glass vs Class for example). Just too tired from working late (at least that sounds like a good excuse)
That was good! I have not purchased a PS audio powerplant because of the heat and extra power consumption. There has to be a better way. I would love a product that does everything that the Monster does but I need on that can handle a least a 20 amp load. It would be nice it it like the monster could be turned on with the accessory output of my pre-amp.
I use the Monster HTS2000 in my setup with good results. This model receives more favorable reviews at than the HTS1000 model. It is also available online for the discounted price of $125.00 new. I also believe that is has a favorable review in Sterophile magazine as well. If you do not need "meters" it is a good inexpensive choice IMO. The casing (strip) is longer (19" or so) than I thought from the photos, but can be easily wall mounted behind your rack or cabinet, which does assist organizing the cable/cord blob..
I have a HTS3500 its great. I have two Adcom ACE515 its much beter than them.It does a very good job of filtering the seperate componets. I have a Audio Research. Amp thats real pickey about what you plug it up with it cured that problem. Its very effective at reducing background noise to. I can highly recomend it!!!!!!
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