Monster HTS power conditioners, do they work?

Has anyone heard the HTS 100 and 200 Monster Cable power strips for audio gear? Do they really make a difference in the sonic capabilities of a system: clear, cleaner sound?
There was an article in Stereophile or their sister mag.
At least a couple of years ago. pretty positive.
I have a monster 500 and three Adcoms.
The most noticable improvement is the TV picture.. I could see that right away.
You also might want to leave your amp off the thing... depending on your own experience.
I agree they will improve the TV picture. While they do something, I do not think they do much for audio.
Some of the less expensive Monster PLC's actually introduce noise into whatever is plugged into them. To avoid this problem, stick with the larger units that have at least eight outlets on them. Whether or not you can tell a difference in your system with any PLC hooked up is going to be system and location dependent. As to whether or not you like the results in your system if you can hear the difference will be a matter of personal preference. Sean