Monster HTS-2600 Power Supply

This was the stage 2 power filter, im not sure if i have the model number right, but this is the newer line of monster power component products

I have a question about the "Clean Power On" light.

It isnt on.

Shouldnt it be?

I have my subwoofers hooked into that set of outlets.

ANy tips? Does this light only come on when it encounters power corruption beyond a certain threshold?

Hello all!

Well, i got it fixed.

A real good deal too. I bought the unit at soundtrack aabout 2 years ago. Latly i felt like my rig has not been producing the sound that i had become used to. Well, after noting that the "Clean Power" circutry was not working, i took this to SoundTrack Audio, and they replaced it with a brand new monster power supply free of charge. Mind you, i bought this 2 years ago. It looks like Soundtrack has a general SLA with monster that is really handy.

Further note, i found that if i had taken this problem to "Monster", that they would have shipped me a brand new unit, and once i recieve that, i send in the old unit for repair and i keep the new one, Eliminating any period where your equipment would be "Unprotected"

Now i have a brand new AC conditioner, and a noticable jump in musical quality in my rig.

Talk about customer service!!!!!!