Monster htps7000 + avs2000 combo - Good?

I have a pretty nice set-up and only in recent years have I started spending a little more on better cables and I'm still not sure those really make a difference. Besides looking cool, will this Monster set-up really make a difference? I've never had anything effected by surges, stormes, etc. in my many years of listening to music. Is the Monster really just an insurance policy? Maybe I've answered my own question? Thanks for any and all input.
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I have the set-up and it works fine. Both pieces have been selling very cheaply recently because they're apparently being superceded, so, at the price, they're tough to beat.

Monster rarely gets any respect here because it's not some tweaky garage outfit, but the combo is pretty good, the connected equipment guarantee is pretty impressive and the build quality is excllent at the price point.
I'm running the Signature AVS-2000 and HTS-5100 and I'm very satisfied with what I got for the money. I am going to take the next step and run two dedicated 30 amp circuits from the breaker box. I know there are much more expensive units out there but I started with what I could afford. I can honestly say it hasn’t made much difference in noise but I never had much of a problem with line noise. I like the idea of stable voltage source and I typically see my line voltage dip from 5 to 15 volts. I can see the AVS-2000 helping out with video when I get it all hooked in. I'm not at a point yet where I can spend thousands on tweaks but I have learned (here) from some of the best that maximizing any "system" is a process of identifying all contributing parts of the system and working to get everything on the same level - the best you can.
I bought both units here from guys that were upgrading to more expensive units. I think that says something. Like most used equipment - I feel I got a lot for my money. I paid about 1/3 of what the units cost new. I agree they seem to have very good build quality and they look good in the rack. If nothing else I can set each outlet to be switched or not and I can power off the entire (or part) of my system with a single press of a button. I can also set a delay for each outlet so they don’t come on all at once. I really like that feature. I have an older set of Levinson amplifiers and I've been told that they have issues with long term use of the front power switches. The cost of replacing just one switch far exceeds the price I paid for the line conditioner. How could I go wrong?

I think if I was an apartment dweller and had no way of running dedicated lines this would be a must. I remember the days of someone turning on a vacuum in 210B and hearing a buzz or getting strange pops and clicks from God knows what. I think that would have been a good test ground.

Any apartment dwellers out there running line conditioners? Sure would like to hear your two cents.
I own both the Sig 7000 and a regular AVS2000.
The AVs2000 strengthens the low end sound.
I paid $900 last year for the 7000ss and $700 a few weeks ago for the AVS2000. (both locally)
Remember the 7000 balances the power, so avoid sticking lights into it or be careful about the socket when changing bulbs as the ground side is also 'live' with balanced power.
Prior to owning the AVS2000 I daisychained the 7000 and a 5000, doing even more for video. but adding the AVS to the chain sems to weaken the picture. (the color clearly is washed out... )With the AVS2000 any conditioners following it cannot be daisychained from one to another or negative results occur. (Daisychaining more than one conditioner is not common. I did it and now need to stop doing it when the AVS2000 is in the system too.
With the AVS and just one (Monster 5000) the picture is fine
The main thing is that like powercords, the various items have various flavors. The thing about conditioners, is that you get a 30/60 lb chunk of stuff for your money, not just a gardenhose with wires inside. And the conditioners can service multiple items, not just one.
Be wary of Furman midpriced conditioners... $450 to $550 list and inside are the same $10 of parts as in the powerstrip. I laugh at the Furman claiming "digital" conditioning when all that is on that part of the circuit is a single common Ferrite choke! (At least I had several in my homemade powerstrip!!!)