Monster HTM 3500 conditioner is noisy

I just purchased and installed the above equipment based on all the rave reviews, namely at TAS. I find it amazing that a component which is designed to reduce background noise actually emits a continual buzzing sound when turned on. I wonder if my unit is defective ? A unit designed to shave a couple of dbs from the background noise should be ultra silent! My listening position is relatively near where the equipment is located, and no other piece is at all audible, while this component is. Anyone had any similar experience ?
My unit is dead quiet. There must be something wrong.
I have an HTS-2000 that has no hum or buzz that I can hear even a few inches away.
I have the 2000 (or is it the 2500? hmmm...), and mine is quiet too. Your unit has problems.
No hum in both my HTM-3500's. Monster has a great service department. Check it out. Better to call instead of email:(415) 840-2000, ask for Carlos, he is The Man!
Good luck.
I have a HTS2500. Dead silent. Best item I have ever purchased for my system. Your unit must have an issue. I always disconnect the main powercord when not in use to protect equipment when not in use.
Hexenboden-what issue of TAS is the review?
I bought one of them Monster power conditioners. My system was quieter without it. I believe it was the 1000 which is the same as the 2000 with fewer plugs. Took it back and got my money back.
I've got a hum in mine even after putting in a dedicated line. I'll call Monster.Thanks for the number bmp.
I have two HTS 200's that I purchased primarily as surge protection and was surprised at the positive effect on my system. They run silently so if yours hums it's most likely a lemon.
Previous post should have referred to two HTS 2000's.
Yes, as Bmpnyc says CALL if you want to continue with it. I emailed and never received a response. That attitude is why I got my money back.
Sorry to hear that Puubie. Monster was more than decent to me, and went out of their way to help me. I hope that is the norm, and not just a fluke. Calling is best in their case.
I am certainly no authority, but could this be caused by the infamous ground loop hum? If so, search for that topic at forums main page, there is a thread with answers. The solutions offered worked for us for ground loop hum. Cheers.
Throw it out. Line conditioners are the biggest hoax in audio. It is this kind of non-sense that makes audiophiles the subject of derision in engineering circles.
Steve, why not save the bah, humbug stuff for Christmas?