Monster Home Theater Power Center?

As I have assembled a system with nice components I have started to think about a power conditioner/surge protector.
For my home theater system I bought a Monster power center, which works well at least from a surge protection angle. I'm wondering if one of these would work well for a two channel audio system? If not, what would provide very good bang for the buck? I'd prefer to not spend more than $500 if possible.
I have 2 Monster Power HTPS 7000's, one for home theater, the other for my 2-channel Mac system. I am comletely happy with them, and would buy them again. I paid $400 each, brand new. One I just bought 4 months ago, so they can be had for that price brand new.
Thanks for the info. I am wondering about the power conditioning abilities of the Monster systems. I guess I forgot to emphasize this point in my original post.
I've been hearing good things about Richard Gray stuff so if it is well worth paying more for something like this from a sound quality standpoint I will probably hold out for that.
All I know is my systems sound great with the Monster 7000. I do have dedicated 20 amp circuits for each system. It is interesting to note that the display shows the line varying from 117 volts to 122 volts. If you read the propoganda that comes with the unit, they should do a nice job on line conditioning. In your ad you asked about Monster, not Richard Gray stuff. Perhaps someone can answer to that brand.
I'd suggest taking a look at APC and PS Audio and see what you think. I have an APC H15 (purchased on an internet "fire" sale) that seems to do the job and the store that I deal with has teh APC H15 and recently added PS Audio to the mix. They indicated that they prefer the PS Audio product to the APC, but like both brands.
I used to have an old API wedge conditioner which seemed worse than plugging directly into the wall when I dug it out of the closet recently. Sold it and got a PS audio duet. Much better.... The quintet costs a little more if you have more than 2 digital/2 analogue pieces.
Just for the info: currently the cheapest Monster 7000 is a mkII model with free shipping at Crutchfield for $599.
That model is 20% more off if bought with certain other home theater products. That is a very good price.
I own a Monster Signature 7000 i no longer use. I use three others:
Furman REG20i
PS Audio P600
PS Audio PPP
I would like to 'see' the place one can buy a Monster 7000 new for $400 which is not a one off liquidation sale?
Who cares where you buy it, Elizabeth, as long as it is a good price? I bought my latest 7000 for $400 + $40 shipping from Digital Guesthouse Ventures, LLC. I wanted the 7000 because it has the red led's, not the blue of the Mk2. The unit was brand new.