Monster Genesis 1000 Phono Cartridge

Does anyone have a Genesis 1000 phono cartridge for sale, or who might be able to replace the stylus of mine?
As far as a retip or rebuild on your cart, my go to guy is Soundsmith. Their are certainly others that provide this service as well. Enjoy the music
Soundsmith.  I have an NOS Monster Genesis 2000 i just mounted on my Linn.  Was so great I recently purchased a no hour soundsmith retip of the same cartridge off ebay.  So it appears can be done.  
This cartridge designed by Nakatsuka-San, he's a person behind ZYX brand nowadays. 

Since a working Genesis cartridge can be found for $500 or so i think retip is just a waste of money.  
linnlp12, very interested in getting your impressions on the differences in sound between the stock 2000 and the Soundsmith retip.  Thank you.
Will be a long wait since I just installed the NOS one..........  my past experience with retipping was when I had a Troika, bent stylus then had it redone at Expert Stylus (forever wait).  But they did a great job and cartridge sounded excellent.  Loved it.

You buy a used cartridge eventually you are going to face re-tip or buy another or upgrade decision.

The monster is an absolute stunner on the Linn/Ekos.  I had a genesis 1000 when they first cane out and that too was phenomenal.  My diamond came off the cantilever.    go for the retip.  The comment as being available, How lucky are you?  You may or may not get lucky.  Nothing a day ago on Hi-Fi Shark and I am always looking.  So you have competition.   Kept checking for a long time before the one 2000 came up-the retip.   I hit buy it now.  

I have a damaged Troika that came with my table- its at Soundsmith now for a rebuild. So I am a proponent of rebuilds. There is someone on ebay advertises can rebuild Monster but no experience.

if you dont like it when it comes back you should be able to sell it.

My opinion is: ''don't give advice if you are not sure about your
assumptions''.  The stylus only retip cost about $200. The combo
boron cantilever+ stylus about $500. Both can be ordered by
Experts stylus in UK. 
I have one Genesis 1000 for sell for chakster's price .
Yes - Expert Stylus did a great job on my previous Troika.  My recent Troika I sent to Soundsmith.  I have complete confidence in both those companies.  While I haven't mounted my Soundsmith retipped cartridge nor do I know the stylus option the PO chose, the workmanship looks first rate. Hoping I dont have to mount it for a long time...........

There was a Monster cartridge listed on ebay when I checked yesterday.
The Genesis 1000 is a great cartridge.