MONSTER CD RINGS . How to Remove ?

Going through my massive collection of CDs, I just noticed about a dozen discs with MONSTER RINGs around them. Back in the early 90s I fell for the Stereophile ploy of Monster CD ring tweek. Which was suppose to increase the accuracy of the CD laser reading. Thus giving more information and better sound.

Two quick questions..

1- How the heck do you get the (Monster CD) ring off the disc without ruining the CD ?

2- If I do use these CDs with the Monster rings on the disc. Can it damage or stress the CD motor mechanism because of the extra weight spinning ?

Thank you to all who help.
I have a number of discs with the rings as well. I don't know about taking them off, haven't tried (nail polish remover?), but they haven't hurt any CD motor mechanism I've ever had, so I wouldn't worry about that. The only problem I've ever encountered with them has been they can get stuck in an in-dash car CD player (happened to me in an Acura once, it took a long time to coax it out).
Try a product called "Goo Gone"
The stff works magic

Its available and most grocery and deparment stores and home centers.

Here is a pic of the bottle:

Mfslgoldcd, you were not alone in falling for that marketing gimic. The ones I used were both the pre-Monster red ones and then the Monster multi-colored ones. I had about 30 of these on cds and removed all of them about 8 years ago. I did it because I thought the glue would somehow chemically react to the label/protective layer and cause the reflective layer to become pitted or dull.

The answer to your second question is NO...but... Having them on will not add stress to motor mechanism, if they were put on right in the first place. However, they will probably not play in today's car cd players due to the openning slit size on the players.

Now to answer your first question. The rings can be removed but you need to be very careful, work slowly and be patient. Failure to do this will damage the label side and cause cd to be unplayable in the affected area.

Equipment needed:
cd burner - insurance measure
Hair blower, with low/medium/high heat settings
Lighter Fluid (Ronsonol)

First, burn a copy of all the cds you are going to work on. I wish they were readily available when I took on this project because I ruined four of my cds because of the poor quality of the protective coating underneath the label.

Next, with the cd on a regular jewel case cd tray insert and using the low temperature on the hair blower, start heating about 1/5 of the ring. With your finger nail, pick at the edge of the ring from the outside edge to see if it will lift off the label. DO NOT RUSH OR FORCE IT! Once it starts to come off start heating the ring in the direction you want to lift off next. Some will come off relatively easy and others will take longer. If you can't get the ring to start to lift then forget about it and move on to the others. Removed rings will leave a glue residue on the label.

Lastly, using a 100% cotton rag, squirt a little liter fluid on the rag and gentle remove the glue residue. Yes, some of the label ink may come off at this time but it doesn't appear to cause any damage to the protective coating underneath. As an added measure of protection you might want to put a little clear-coat car wax on the label side once you have removed the glue. I can't recall if I did it back then but part of my memory seems to point in that direction. All the cds that I removed the rings from, and were not destroyed, play fine and show no signs damage to the reflective layer.

Good Luck,
I haven't tried Goo-Gone, but Ronsonal lighter fluid (naptha) has always worked great (won't eat labels or plastic like laquer thinner or acetone)

Flood the inside edge of the ring. Then try and separate just a small part of the outside edge if you can, and capillary some fluid into the separation. Slowly begin lifting the ring as you add more fluid. It will soften the adhesive and continue releasing. Just go slowly and be patient. Wash the disc after with diswashing detergent and rinse. Then use your favorite CD treatment like Finyl or Optrix.
The goo gone works well but does remove the print on many Cds. All my Cds were playable afterward (about 50). With the rings they do get caught in changers. GL2U
Curious if any one heard an improvement in sound with the rings - I never did
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That’s weird, I think Monster CD Rings were great. It was a blow when they went out of production. Send me all you’ve got!
I had rings, don't know the brand, that slipped around the edges, no adhesive.
I had some of those, too. They didn’t do much for me. Probably not enough mass. The Monster CD Rings were much better.
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Ive have a similiar problem. In the past I used the Mod Squad disc damper with thise white very sticky rings. I have had some success with alcohol but boy is that gorilla glue? I take them of to use Herbies black hole disc damper.
GooGone didn’t really help; It just ruined the label. Best result I've had so far has been to pick on the outer perimeter of the ring with my fingernail until I can begin to SLOWLY pull it off the disc. Pulling too hard or too fast can separate the data from the disc.
Why would anyone want to remove the Monster CD Rings? They sound great! Have you given and consideration to ear candling? 🕯

If anyone has Monster Rings I’ll be happy to take them off your hands. Even if they are the ones you’re pulling off CDs.
I too liked the rings. A very good test of the cd damping characteristics would be to hold the cd with your pinky finger in the center hole ( non label side facing your hand, and tapping on the cd from the label side. Take the exact cd without a ring on it and perform the same tap test. The cd will ring and vibrate ( you will feel it on your pinky ). I believe the more robust the transport, the less of an effect it would have. It is trying to simulate the Pioneer stable platter, and many top loading players using a clamp or disc holding the cd over the motor spindle / optical system.I hear differences for the better. I was sorry they went away. Enjoy ! MrD.