Monster Cable does Power Amps,,,,,,,,,UH OH

I just visited the monster cable website to look at their power conditions. To my surprise, I noticed that they are now offering to power amplifier. One is a multi channel for home theater and the other is a 250wpc stereo amp. This should be interesting to see how Monster does amongst the audio community.

Here's the link:
Leasingguy-- If Jonathan Skull said it, they must be wonderful amps. Reviewers are beyond reproach, and since Monster's ad budget is tiny, I'm sure that was no influence at all...

Time will tell and the world is full of good amps already.
I was told by salesman at Goodguys that the monster amps are built by and/or designed by Parasound. That explains why they sound so good, if it is fact. The lower monster products are not much better than what comes in box with some gear; however, their higher end stuff is as good as any other. I have a decent system and use monster cables and 5100 conditioner and it sounds killer. Don't believe everything you hear from the monster haters, they have to justify thier own brands to themselves.
The amps were designed by Demian Martin and Richard Marsh and are built in Thiland by the Magnet Amplifier Company. This Co. does nice work and the amp sounds great.