Monster Cable does Power Amps,,,,,,,,,UH OH

I just visited the monster cable website to look at their power conditions. To my surprise, I noticed that they are now offering to power amplifier. One is a multi channel for home theater and the other is a 250wpc stereo amp. This should be interesting to see how Monster does amongst the audio community.

Here's the link:
I wonder what they're wired with internally.
Ha ha. I just looked, they mention nothing about internals, no picture either. They do say this:

o Monster Mirrored Amplifier TechnologyTM ensures low distortion, greater clarity even at the highest power levels.

o Laboratory-grade digital power meters monior acutal power output and dynamic range.

o 250 watts per channel, 500 watts total with all channels driven.

o 400 continuous watts all channels driven into 4 Ohms, instantaneous peak power all channels driven greater than
300 watts per channel/8 Ohms, 500 watts/4 Ohms.

o Balanced complimentary push-pull input stage delivers ultra-wide bandwidth performance for best reproduction of

o high resolution 192kHz DVD-A and SACD formats.

o Embossed plate with The Head Monster, Noel Lee's Signature.

Aside from having Noel Lee's signature on something meaning precisely SQUAT unless it's a check, they way they bulleted the spec about push pull INPUT makes it look like they think the amp has something to do with digital formats-- you'd think a company that large would have someone proofreading their website.

Besides, big deal, a balanced complementary push pull INPUT stage. What about the outputs, you dopes? I guess we know the important stuff from their ad, though: It's got big ass meters, and that's all that matters.
Gotta say,. Monster's customer service and garauntees are first rate.

I had a power conditioner that crapped out on me after about 3 years of use. I took it back to the authorized dealer i got it from, and they gave me a brand new one. No questions.

If i would have gone straight through Monster, they would have fed-ex'd me a brand new one and then i pack the old one up and ship it back.
No waiting for repairs, just a brand new unit.

I use alot of monster cable in my current rig. I'm unimpressed with thier SVGA cables, they seem to crap out after about a year of use. Thier interconnects work and sound fine to me. Thier speaker cable isnt that bad either in my opinion.

Wilson Watt/Puppys are being manufactured with Monster Cable. thats gotta say at least SOMETHING about thier cables.

I'm not going to be the first in line to buy an amplifier from them though. I'd just assume wait untill some non-biased reviews come out. (independant consumer reviews, not magazine)
Well - you can rest assured that Audio Advisor will soon devote a page or more - complete with glowing "reviews" - to these amps in their next catalog.
All that aside, I will be the first to say that most of Monster's lower end cables are simply garbage. They've been trashed at loads of times; and I'm still at a loss why their lower end power conditioning products get such "good" reviews. For the same price you can get a Panamax product that has a metal rather than a plastic case; and has internal wiring at least as good inside (if not better).
Oh well - I'm sure that the Best Buy salesmen will have no problem selling Monster Amps with those "cool" Bose speakers!!!
I don't think Wilson is using Monster Cable anymore (if they ever in fact did). Heard Wilson is now making their own internal wiring. Besides, Fabio has Martin Logans, and that's got as much to do with the quality of Martin-Logans as Wilson allegedly using Monster Cable has to do with the quality of a Monster-brand amp.

As for customer service, start a marketing company that sells products with little actual parts or engineering value for incredible margins. Get the masses to buy them impulsively like rats pressing a feeder bar, and you'll be able to service customers like that, too.

Notice I never said Noel Lee isn't a genius, he's just a marketing genius, not an audio genius.

Seems like monster istn too popular round here.

I remember once, i was at a Audio Retail store, and the salesman was trashing Monster stating thier cables were so much better. I asked him about a turntable they had setup that was wired with monster, the guy responded "oh, i brought that turntable in from home with the cables just to get it hooked up so customer's can hear vinyl over the gear".
I diddnt say anything about it, just thought it curious that he was selling these other cables yet using monster in is own home.

I still think they have a decent product. I think it depends on your system. My rig really doesent need anything much better than monster. Once i get a high-er end system going i will probably end up replacing all the cable though

After hearing Monster's incredible amplifier, my Jaw dropped to the floor.
This confused me because this has never happened. I asked the store manager and he said that there is nothing they can do for human deformities caused by thier products.

I tried to pick my jaw up, but it was like picking up a sleeping cat, it was just everywhere. I managed to toss it over my shoulder and kept listening to the Monster Amp.

The soundstage was immence, and when the song picked up, the dynamics caused my eyes to pop out in amazement.

Now im standing there with a limp jaw draped across my shoulders like a scarf, and my eyeballs giving me serious double vision and uncomfort as they bounced against my cheeks.

Thats when my pant legs were flapping so hard from the bass that i started to get lift-off!!!!

I finally figured i better get outta there and i flew out the store. I noticed if i flew vertical it seemed to make things feel a little better, at least my eyes were pionting in the same direction as my face!
Hmm... looks like my rear left molar needs a new filling.

as i flew to my car with my eyes hanging out and jaw swaying in the breeze a little girl looked up at me and screamed "ITS A MONSTER!"

That myfriends, is monster power.


Good times good times
I wonder if Richard Marsh had anything to do with the design of these ? Given his past affiliation with Monster and their PLC's, who knows ? Sean

Example of Monster sucking: Their Toslink cable-- Interlink 200 or some such, it's a regular old $7.00 Panasonic-sourced el-cheapo Toslink with a big fat rubber jacket on it, and snap on oversized plastic ends. Selling price? $45 retail. Give me a break. That's indicative of most of their product- it's all looks and hype, but at the core, it's cheap junk.
Well, you will probably be satisfied to hear that i just sold the remainder of my monster cable.

i still have some monster interconnects in my hokey pokey system, but why spend more on the cable then you spent on the rest?

Yeah, i just sold about 100Ft of monster speaker cable, and 2 sets of thier banana plugs for 35 bucks.

I think i got a good deal. :)

I think when my fiancee gets outta school and starts working, so my finances will be drastically freed up, ill be getting a set of GMA Europas with some Audio Magic speaker cables. Dunno about the interconnects yet, im still trying to decide which to mate with the Europas, either a Krell 300iL of a belles 150 Hotrod. Pondering Conrad Johnson too.

well, i got about 2 months to figure it out.

i probably wont go back to monster cable. except maybe for a garage system or bedroom rig.

You see Pmkalby, I am free to play with whatever cable i want. You know why? My system is so rickety that any cable will work, cause it is so ghetto that no $300 cable is going to help! :)



Breaking News:

I wouldn't be to quick to judge, Richard Marsh knows a lot about this audio stuff and J Skull had many positive things to say about this piece and his workings with Mr. Marsh. My guess is that this will be good stuff.

ok, We now bring you back to the regularly scheduled program "Monster Haters" already in progress........

I have to give them two thumbs up on the power conditioners.Thats one product that really works.I've seen monster power centers in $15000.00 systems.But I'll agree the cables are garbage!
Leasingguy-- If Jonathan Skull said it, they must be wonderful amps. Reviewers are beyond reproach, and since Monster's ad budget is tiny, I'm sure that was no influence at all...

Time will tell and the world is full of good amps already.
I was told by salesman at Goodguys that the monster amps are built by and/or designed by Parasound. That explains why they sound so good, if it is fact. The lower monster products are not much better than what comes in box with some gear; however, their higher end stuff is as good as any other. I have a decent system and use monster cables and 5100 conditioner and it sounds killer. Don't believe everything you hear from the monster haters, they have to justify thier own brands to themselves.
The amps were designed by Demian Martin and Richard Marsh and are built in Thiland by the Magnet Amplifier Company. This Co. does nice work and the amp sounds great.