Monster Cable AVS2000 Vs. P.S. Audio

Has anybody had a chance to compare the new M.C. voltage stabilizer against the P.S. Audio units? I am looking to add a power regenerator to my system & the Monster unit has a very attractive price.
Audiogon has suggested that I include a little more information. I have an audio/video setup but audio has & will always come first. My first goal is to improve the sound quality & if it improves the video experience well that is a bonus. I have Martin Logans across the front with a bass boost from a REL Stadium sub. electronics are Krell KAV250A amp, KrellKAV300cd, Sonic Frontiers Line 3 preamp,SonyDVP9000ES& a Mitsubishi65857 projection television,A DenonAVR3300 receiver takes care of the surround sound duties.I also got back to vinyl with a Music Hall MM7 turntable.

I have not used the AVS2000 but I have used many varics for my work. AVS2000 is a motor driven varic that maintains to preset voltage level. I will try to list the pros and cons of the AVS 2000 and PS Audio Power Plant.

AVS 2000
1. very effcient - produces almost no heat.
2. some noise filtering
3. can't correct voltage distortion
4. provides surge protection
5. not a balanced system so common mode nosie rejection is poor.
6. fairly reliable since varics rarely fails
7. much cheaper

PS Audio
1. will correct AC distortion
2. balanced output
3. poor effciency - lots of heat
4. less reliable since it's essentially a power amp that puts out 120V
5. frequency is adjustable
6. mush more expensive

I use a PS Audio P300 and I am pretty happy with it. Prior to this, I did not have any kind of power conditioner because I didn't believe in them since most of them were band aid solutions that did not really provide much improvements.
I have had for 4mos, the AVS2000. Different animal. SGHT gave a stupid review . Mine had a slight odor for the first day or so. It makes no noise I'm aware of . Sure the lights are a bit gaudy,for some;-- but to me;-- not distracting.I still look over to see how much correction is being applied.--And, I enjoy being able to do so. Some times the correction is up to 8 or 9. Some times as low as 3.---.As you turn each item on or off, you see how much it draws.I use mine in conjunction with power conditioners-- Custom power block & Chang lightspeed 1000. My amps draw 1100+ (CJ pre 5a's) They have to run off the wall,till I can get another one. If you have clean stable voltage it wont do all that much. A guy with Krells may need 3 of these babys.
Before, I'd wait for 7/ 8pm for the tv picture to look great;and it would. Now it's great "all" the time.

I just auditioned an AVS2000 an agree with Sfstereo for the most part. The AVS2000 is a fairly new unit and as such I don't think there is much data on its reliability.

With the Krell amp and projection TV that you have you are going to have to decide just what equipment you are going to run off of the power conditioner. The AVS2000 has a peak power rating of 1800 W and a max. sustained rating of 1400 W. When the current draw exceeds about 12 amps the current display begins blinking indicating that you are exceeding the 1400 W limit. If you endup only running your system's front end off of the power conditioner than you have a one set of choices compared to if you want to run your entire system through the PC. Avguygeorge, I could hear the AVS2000 variac motor adjusting. It wasn't terribly annoying but it was noticable.

After a week of wrestling with how to solve my power problems I came up with a way of looking at my system's power needs that might help. Your system's power requirements come in about three classes:
current supply
voltage stability
high frequency noise (frequencies > 60 Hz)
I came to the conclusion that I needed to address each of these issues. For my setup I was not willing to suffer the inefficiency associated with the power regeneration technique used in the PS Audio because I live in the LA area and I couldn't afford to run it. I think if you are satisfied with only running your system front end off the PC than the PS Audio solution might be right for you. I chose to use two pieces of gear to solve my power problems. I use the Richard Gray Power Station to provide a current reserve and the ExactPower 2000 to stabilize the voltage and provide active filtering on the AC waveform. I found that proper power conditioning has made a significant difference in the sound quality of my system, increased clarity and tighter more musical bass to list a few.

I hope this helps some,

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