Monster AVS2000 Signature Voltage?

Hello to all,

Hopefully someone here can help me.
I own the non signature version of the AVS2000 Voltage regulator, which gave my components a steady 127 volts, at least that is what my HTPS7000 shows. Monday i bought the Signature version of the AVS2000 and that is showing me way less voltage and its not steady as I am getting readings from anywhere of 116 to 119 volts on the HTPS7000.

I am lost here, is the non signature one giving to much voltage, but a steady too much voltage, or is there something wrong with the signature?

When i connect the HTPS7000 directly to the wall, it gives a reading of 111 to 114 volts, I live in NYC and i am less than a block away from the train station, so my voltage is bad.

Any help?


I own 2 of the Monster HTPS 7000"s, and voltage always fluctuates between 118v and 122v. I don't see that you have a problem, as the voltage isn't constant where I live either.
My HTPS 7000 fluctuates between 118 and 123. The right current is 120V. I think you will be fine.