Monster Alpha Genesis, what happend to...

I have not seen these being offered since the mid 90's. I had an Alpha Genesis 1000 MC and loved it. Anybody know if another company took over (or if Monster was simply re-labeling another someone else's cartridges --and if so, do you know which company)? I am using a Goldring Erioca MC, and the Monster was simply better all the way around.
I have heard a rumor that the Monster Alpha Genesis was a cartridge made by ZYX called R-100. This R-100 is currently available from ZYX. I cannot confirm if the rumor is accurate, or not. I have not compared them.
From what I've read the ZYX R100 seems to be an evolutionary version of the Alpha Genesis 1000. The price points are similar and both were designed by Hisayoshi Nakatsuka.

I also miss the AG 1000 - I had 2 of them during their heyday. Nice, accurate sound from an $800 cartridge. Very easy to listen to. I still have a Sigma Genesis 2000, but never liked it as much as the AGs.