Monster Alpha Genesis 2000 rebuild?

Hi guys and gals

Wondering if anyone has ever had a Alpha Genesis 2000 rebuilt or retipped. I have been pleased with the Vandenhul rebuilds of my VDH MC-1. Wondering how successful his retips/rebuilds of other cartridge brands are? I welcome opinions on the wisdom of spending +-$400 to rebuild the Monster versus buying something like a lightly used Shelter or???

Hello Frogman
I have a Benz-Micro Ruby that I had retipped at Vandenhul. If you do this, it changes the sound of the cartridge, slewing it towards a Vandenhul type of sound. If you want to maintain the original sonic characteristics of your Genesis, this is probably not a good idea. In my case, I was able to audition a few top-end cartridges in my home system and the black beauty I tried out had dynamics that my ruby lacked, and I sent it for retipping hoping for a combination of the smooth ruby sound and the Vandenhul dynamics. I actually got what I was hoping for, and I am very happy with the results. However, I have seen posts where people were unhappy with the results because of the changes in sound. YMMV.
Hmm isn't ZYX now the equivalent to the Sigma in it's day? Would he Nakatsuka san work those older carts? I don't know, try emailing Mehran, from Sorasound from any new ZYX listing. If not ZYX makes an entry level Bloom that's a little more than your price range, $490. Good luck. Does Garrott Brothers still re-tip carts.?