Monster Alpha 2 Cart--What is it?

I need to know about a Cartridge called the Monster Alpha 2-- This has low hours, been in storage, and I know zilch about it. Is it MM or MC? A good cart or bad? Type of diamond? Output level?
Thanks for any help. Please email me if you can with the answer.

from what i remember this is the alpha genesis 2000 which was a lo output mcoil, .3v??? in its day was considered one of the better cartridges out there. audio advisor had a few left as recent as 3-4 years ago.
I owned/used an Alpha II for quite a while. It's a nice sounding Moving Coil design that cost $650 originally. It's a medium output cartridge, about 1.5mV that should work well with many moving-magnet phono stages. Any load between about 300 ohms and the standard 47 k-Ohms should work. Recommended tracking force is 1.8 grams. Happy Listening
Oh Yeah, it's stylus is eliptical, and it weighs 5.7 grams.