Monos and mains,.. too close?

Hey folks,

I have just placed Ampzilla 2000 Second Edition monoblocks down low on the floor  on 6'' high platforms about 6'' behind the speaker plane of a pair of B&W Matrix 801 S2s.  

The toe in puts the front of each monoblock 8'' from the side of each speaker (the rear is about 13'' away).  

Are the monoblocks too close to each speaker?
Would there be any ill effects from the driver magnet being this close to the amp?

A few months ago I noticed my Hegel H190 starting to hum after I (temporarily) put a KEF LS50 speaker on the shelf next to it just a few inches away.  Called Hegel support, was asked to move the LS50 off the shelf, shut down, wait a few minutes, then power back up the amp.
Problem solved.

Now I have 12'' drivers in the B&Ws (vs 5'' in the LS50s) just a little bit farther away from each amp.

If too close, would elevating the speakers on 12'' stands create enough distance?

I am trying to keep speaker cables as short as possible while running long balanced ICs from my preamp.
Also trying to keep the amps away from either side of a steam radiator that sits between them.

Stay safe and happy listening everyone!  

You’re good, think plate amps?.. Speakers and computer gear.. The whole reason for shielded speakers.. Physical hard drives and magnets don’t play well together either..

I have had to turn amps 90 degrees, then 180 a couple of times, to get things right, sounds weird?.. North, South, East, West, which direction are your amps pointing? My issue was noise also, BUT some amps sound better in different positions, ex: on their sides, weigh added, springs added. Just tuck them in at night, they will be just fine.. :-) I do!

I had a valve amp as a kid 9-10 years old.. Only worked upside down, it worked though..Neighbor threw it out...One mans junk, another kids, joy.

That radiator though.. How does that sound? That has to act like a tuning fork in the room ay? Any Noise there?
You toss a thermal blanket over it for listening or what?

No problem. The shorter the speaker wires the better. I do not think Ampzillas get that hot. Heat would be the only reason to keep them a little further away. The amps can stay as low as you want as long as they are not on a carpeted surface. You have exactly the right idea and setting up this way is crucial for the best performance and signal to noise ration particularly if using low low impedance loudspeakers.
Didn't occur to me to rotate the amps.  Right now, they are set up with the fronts facing the listening position and parallel with each other.

Rotating them 190 degrees (speaker posts facing listening position) would actually allow for shorter speaker cables as the speakers are going on stands and will be pulled a few feet farther away from the wall behind.
This will place the rear of each amp close to the same plane as the rear of each speaker.

Regarding sound quality, I understand the reasoning behind minimizing the amount of components (amps, preamps, sources, TV, etc.) between the speakers.

However, if the only option for placing amps is between the speakers, is it best for the amps to be as low as possible?
Should they be placed as far behind the speakers as possible?
 The lower the better. Behind is better.

That radiator.. Is that noisy with a wooden handle, tap? That could make some noise.. A heavy blanket just to test.  Dampen the heck out of it.. see if it sounds better...

EQ racks between speakers is the real no no. Below 12" is better, behind is perfect..

Yeah, that radiator does get noisy.  A wooden handle tap does create some ringing. 
I just placed a few folded moving blankets over the radiator.  There was a noticeable ringing in the midrange that is almost gone now.
Thanks again oldhvymec!

Will get around to using lower platforms for the amps and keep them as far back as possible.