Monolithic Sound ps-1- hc-1 vs Clearaudio Basic +

Anyone compare the Monolithic Sound ps-1 phono amp with hc-1 power suply to a clearaudio Basic Plus? How about something else used around the same ballpark?
Or for a few bucks more how about the Blue Circle bc 27 pi phono stage?
I've owned the Monolithic Ps-1/Hc-1 in the past and own the Clearaudio Basic Plus now - never had the chance to do a side by side but my two table/arm/cart combos have stayed the same throughout - Technics SL1210 mk5/Shure V15 III and Linn LP12/Akito2/Ortofon 2M Black.

Long story short - the Basic Plus is a better pre; more of everything and definitely quieter.

I have yet to try a MC so can't comment there.

Hope that helps.
Thanks. How about the Blue Circle bc 27 pi compared to the Clearaudio Basic Plus?
I had them both and used them both for MM and MC with a wide selection of carts. I preferred the Monolithic by a large margin in every case. In fact better than some far more expensive pres as well. Your cart and line stage will influence your preference quite a bit and unfortunately you will have to try both to really know. But thats what audiogon is for.
Good listening.