Monolith III's or CLS IIZ's Pros and Cons

Could anyone in these forums share any Pros and/or Cons in why you would choose one of these fine speakers one over the other.

With the Monolith's - I would either add a Sub or Update the Woofers.
With the CLS's - I would use my existing Two (2) ML Depth's. I am all about resolution, dynamics, large soundstage and PRAT. Hearing the singer(s) and instruments in the time and space where they were recorded.

My Room is 16' x 18' x 8.5' high
Amps would be the Parasound JC1's and an A21 as Monoliths have the ML Active X-over.
Parasound JC1s for the CLS's
I am not making any amp changes at this time, thank you.

I listen to Jazz, Classical and some rock.
I have owned both for these speakers in the past but it has been to long to remember the specific plusses and minuses of each. Please advise if you can and thanks.

Anyone out there who could re-state them, it would great and and much appreciated.
both are old enough to require a replacement stat panel
and ML has greatly increased the cost of those.