Monoblocks, Speaker Placement?

Hi, this may be a really stupid question, but with regards to soundstaging, or the sound in general, is speaker placement a lot "trickier" with monoblocks than with an integrated?

I don't want to start thinking that's it's the powercords....or power conditioning....

No. It's just as tricky...
I haven't noticed a difference. It's just as tricky and not forgiving...

But if you do have a chance though, since you are running monoblocks, make the speaker cable as short as possible to minimize any loss there.
I disagree with shorest spkr cables, unless it's minimum 8ft. However, among the benefits of monos is total spearation of L/R signals. Depending on what you had before, you may need to play with speaker positioning
I agree with Tweak. I once had CJ P12 monoblocks and put them very close to Wilson Witt 2 with about 6 inches of Kimber 8TC. Horrible, resolution went up but very bright and edgy. With longer lengths it was excellent.