Monoblocks, Speaker Placement?

Hi, this may be a really stupid question, but with regards to soundstaging, or the sound in general, is speaker placement a lot "trickier" with monoblocks than with an integrated?

I don't want to start thinking that's it's the powercords....or power conditioning....

No. It's just as tricky...
I haven't noticed a difference. It's just as tricky and not forgiving...

But if you do have a chance though, since you are running monoblocks, make the speaker cable as short as possible to minimize any loss there.
I disagree with shorest spkr cables, unless it's minimum 8ft. However, among the benefits of monos is total spearation of L/R signals. Depending on what you had before, you may need to play with speaker positioning
I agree with Tweak. I once had CJ P12 monoblocks and put them very close to Wilson Witt 2 with about 6 inches of Kimber 8TC. Horrible, resolution went up but very bright and edgy. With longer lengths it was excellent.
Herman and Tweak:

Interesting.... I've had better luck with my Maggies on shorter cables and my monoblocks (Cary Six Pacs). Is there anything that you can attribute the longer length to? Perhaps any distortion caused by proximity of the amp to the speaker itself? Interested to know....
I suppose a better response would have been that my experience mirrors Tweaks. My one test is by no means definitive and it wouldn't suprise me that the opposite would be true in some cases. I did consider the vibration factor but had no way to test it. I suppose as always there are a lot of variables and few definitives in this hobby.
Speaker placement is no more or less difficult or important with mono amps. What can be important is amp placement. If you are tempted to place the amps on the floor by the speakers, get down on your hands and knees and listen to the sound in various places at amplifier height. Right between the speakers will usually be the most boomy, and a poor place to site the amps. This boom will result in high resonance to the circuits, especially important if using tubes. Also, behind the speakers is usually a poor choice. I found the quietest place to be closer to the speaker and right near it rather than behind or in front.

Wouldn't good amp stands fix some or all of the issues being talked about here?

Aside from air borne vibrations, or issues concerning non solid flooring. Why not set them back several feet from the front plane of the speakers?

Have those with monos being placed in close relationship to speakers actually seen substantial diffs from the use of six feet or less of wire to say eight or ten, or even four?

I've noticed only a minor amount of diff in the use of a five foot cable vs. a six foot. Very minor in fact. Whitout having them side by side to compare, one would never know.

I'm considering placing my monos out into the listening room too. Though, I doubt I'll do it as it congests the esthetic, and adds clutter... thus far I'm OK with running longer speaker cables to avoid that issue.

But if it's a night and day diff? Well.... maybe.