Monoblocks or Bi-Amp

Hey guys,
I'm doing some planning for my future upgrades. I have recently moved to Tubes from SS and was wondering if I should get some Monoblocks or bi-amp my speakers. I was considering the Rogue M-120's or the Rogue Tempest with an extra Rogue Power amp. Or even a SS powerhouse for the bass modules and the tube integrated for the mid and highs.

What have you guys tried and what was the best combination?

Cliffhanger Audio CHS-2 W2 (88db, 4ohms)
Rogue Magnum Tempest 60W Tube Integrated amp
EAD Ultradisk 2000
Virtual Dynamics Ref. Shotgun Speaker cables and Interconnects.
Eric-With all due respect I have never heard of cliff hanger before that may be the place to start, just my thoughts FWIW.
Hey Tim,

Here's a few reviews for the Cliffhanger Audio speakers:
Monoblocks usually aren't necessary and the needs, performance wise, be met with a stereo amp. Only when you have one speaker do you need a monobloc. While the monobloc offers an infinite channel separation, good solid-state stereo amps can have 90db separations. 20db can produce a believable stereo performance. So to have monoblocs many parts costs double, and all things being equal, offers a negligable gain in performance, at least in comparison to what could have been done if the designer reinvested into the circuit in a stereo setup. Alot of stereo amps share a power supply, and the rest is more or less mono, and with good PSRR (power supply rejection ratio's) crosstalk should me minimal. Biamping, on the other hand, can offer very good results cutting down on intermodulation distortion and increasing dynamics. Its real forte is with electronic equalization; however, it can be done with both amps running full range with filtering through the passive networks and get a respectable performance increase. If I were to explore one it would obviously be the latter, unless you're pushing the ultimate in resolution threshold where a well designed monoblock will have better performance, but for $$ range you're in I'd still lean for the biamp. It does depend on the specifics of the deal you find.
I second Ezmeralda's biamping option. Versatility is an added advantage: you can choose the sound for the mid/his vs the bass... On the down side, electronic c-over is the best option in my experience & it's not always easy to "match" different amps. I.e., you'll have to listen to them, which poses a home audition availability problem.
Hey guys, I've decided to stick with the integrated for a while and move up to the monoblocks and preamp in a few months when this term is done.... Probably after exams are over. Thanks for all your help, very knowledgeable Ezmeralda11, great info.
There is 1 advantage of Mono blocks.Short runs of speaker cables.This is a plus.With the Tempest adding a 88 is a very nice option.
Why is it better to have shorter speaker cables than shorter IC's??
Speaker cables draw power & the longer they are the more power they draw from your amp. Larry w.
Well Lwin, that makes lots of sense. Well all the high end guys have monoblocks, so that seems to be where it's at.
Something to shoot for next term. Thanks for all your suggestions everybody.