monoblocks for von schweikert vr2?

hi, i currently exclusively listen to sennheiser 650 headphones but i am ready to assemble a modest speaker system for mid sized room 15x20'.

my current headphone amplifier is wooaudio 3, which is class A SET and also works as preamp, ideally im looking for monoblocks in the $1000-$1200 range (used) that i can mate to this headphone/preamp.

the maximum sized speaker that this setup would be driving is something like VSA VR2, not super efficeint (<90db) and alittle more power requirement than standard bookshelf.

i would prefer tubed monoblocks but i am open to solid state (small chasis) as well. most of the decent monoblocks ive seen seem disproportionately expensive considering the speakers in question. i guess if the monoblocks dont pan out an integrated will be in order, even though redundant for me.

thanks for any recommendations!
One other option you could experiment with is to take a two channel amp and bridge it. For example, the parasound A23 power amp may be ideal. A pair of them brand new would run you about 1600, but I'll bet you could talk the dealer down. They are set up for bridging, and sound quite good. Bridged I believe they offer somewhere near 200 wpc. I never brridged mine, as I only owned one of them, but was very impressed.
I have the VSA VR4JRs and am using Cary SLM-100 monoblocs and love it. There is a pair of CAD-100 monos on A'gon right now for $1,100 - worth considering I think.
thanks for the responses i will look into the bridging option

Pawlowski6132 do you know the difference between cary cad-100 and slm-100?

thanks again