Monoblocks- different power cord length

I just had a second dedicated line installed so I can plug my amps and preamp in directly. I'm using two different lengths on my amps. Is this a problem?
My lines are 8 gauge stranded with an isolated water ground(I live in an apartment) through ceramic fuses. The outlets are Hubbell 5362 and are NOT cryoed. Cryo sucks!
I haven't had a problem. Some people believe there will be a difference in sound from the two and, I suppose, theoretically that would be possible, but, if there is, it is so infinitesimal that I haven't noticed any difference.
It depends on your definition of problem.

The same model power cord of different lengths does in fact sound different. You'll find that the longer the run the better. I've confirmed this the first time I heard this with Synergistric Research. The engineers said in fact their 9 foot cord sounds better than their 5 foot. The added length gives the topology of the cord to work better.

You also should utilize no shorter than 5 feet. The incremental cost of each additional foot is well spent. So you're cheating yourself with a 3 foot cord.