Monoblock setup inquiry


So I'm somewhat of a newbie, but I've taken the plunge down the rabbit hole and have almost completed my system.  I'm running source(mix of vinyl and tidal)--> DAC/Phono--> Freya+--> Aegir--> Kef R3.  Currently I'm running one Aegir which is slightly underpowered for the R3's, but I have another Aegir on the way and I'm planning to run them as mono blocks. 

I've done quite a bit of research on how to set them up and can't seem to find a straightforward answer.  It seems that there's a couple different methods..Horizontal vs. vertical and bi-amping vs bi wiring.  To be honest I think I'd be ok with the simplest setup.  I'd like to dedicate one amp to Right channel and one to the left, and bi-wire if it will improve performance.  

So I have a couple questions..

1. From Pre-amp to amp do I simply connect 1 single Rca from Right output into R input on the amp to the right channel and same for the left? Or should I use both red and white cables to the Amp for the right and both for amp to left channel as my preamp has 2 RCA outs(a total of 4 connects 2 white 2 red)?
(Ive included a link with pics of amp preamp and speakers for clarity)

2. I understand that If I want to use the amps as simple mono blocks I should connect speaker wires to the top 2 red terminals on each amp and connect to speaker, but I'm wondering will I see any improvement if I chose to bi-wire the speakers? Are these amps even capable of bi-wiring? it seems that the outputs on the amp don't distinguish between HF or LF output? does that matter? 

3. And if I do bi-wire should I use a different set of speaker cables that have good performance with HF and a set that has good performance with LF? or will I still see improvement if I use 4 of the same cables?

Take a look at this, it should show you how to bi-amp. You don't bi-wire if you are bi-amping your speakers!
I would personally take advantage of the additional power of bridging each stereo amp to mono rather than bi amp .....YMMV
What you should do is get an integrated. 
Sounds like a good opportunity to try them all and learn about the speakers and amplifiers. If you do, please do report back on your outcomes...

That said, I find a single amplifier running each speaker (full-range) to be best *in my system*. I lose coherency with different channels running the two sections of my speakers in a vertical bi-amp setup. I never tried the horizontal bi-amp due to insufficient speaker cable length.

@yogiboy  Thanks, that link helps a lot.

@oddiofyl the specs for the Aegir give it 80W at 8 ohm when used as mono.  Do you know how that will be different if I vertically bi-amp? Would it be correct to assume 40W for HF and LF for each speaker?

I am leaning towards vertically bi amping as I think I will see more benefit with separating High and low frequencies rather than just throwing more power at the speakers.  I typically don't push them too hard and listen at reasonable volumes.  Although I could be wrong as I have no real world experience with this and am going solely based off what I've gleaned from various discussions on this forum related to this topic.  I am however all ears if you want to explain your position any further..