monoblock hook-up very dumb question, sorry

Hi. Again. This is a somewhat embarrassing question. And I have searched the threads with no luck, probably not entering the correct or accurate search info...

I am buying a pair of Rogue M120 monos from one of our esteemed Agon members....but as I prepare, I do not know (get this), how to run the ICs from the pre to each amp....

Is it:

Single positive RCA IC from ARC LS8 MkII to one amp and
single negative RCA IC from pre to other amp?

If that is the obvious hook up, how then does polarity work with monos?

It can not be more simple than that, I think I am missing something!?

You must run positive & negative to each monoblock.
Left and right...left from preamp left output to one amp...right from preamp output to the other amp, now you have stereo.

The Rogue 120's do not invert polarity so red on red and black on black in regards to speaker hookup.

BTW, I just bought Rogue 120's myself!...tubes got broke in shipping though so have to wait a few days for a listen.


The first response is correct, but I will add some detail for the "un-inititated".

Generally quality interconnect cables come as a pair of two seperate cables. One generally has red markings on the connectors and the other generally has black or white markings on the connectors.

The standard wiring for audio is "Red=Right channel, Black/white=Left connection".

Connect the "red" interconnect from the right output of you pre-amp to the amp you will use to drive the right speaker. Connect the "black/white" inerconnect from the left output of your pre-amp to the amp that will drive your left speaker.

Lastly, if the interconnects have arrows on them, typically the arrows point away from source and ultimately toward speakers, so if you interconnects have arrows, the arrows point away from your pre-amp and toward your amp.

Actually it may not be important to follow the "red=right" or the "arrows toward speaker", however, if you do this every time, you will always be consistent and you are less likely to ever make a mistake.


Just in case: When you get the amps you will see that each has two sets of speaker marked marked 8ohm. Use one or the other depending on your speaker specs...or which ever sounds best.

thanks, this is great.
And Dave, yep noted the 4 or 8 ohm posts, will be running my PMCs for sure, 6ohm 89db so not too bad, will see what sounds best, can't wait...Too bad your tubes arrived damaged! Can't wait for mine to get here!
Enjoy your M120's.Nice amps.I got the 150's myself and love them.I am thinking of moving up to a Rogue Zeus to run the bass and use the 150's for mids/highs.I am on a look out for a good deal on a used Zeus hopefuly when funds are avalaible .
Now, why would Yioryos be partial to something called Zeus?
lol. ge
Hi Guys, are the M120s rated as Class A or A/B ?
Can't find that detail sifting through the threads, Rogues website or the manual...
Pretty sure they are be class A/B.