Monoblock amps and REL Series R Sub-Base Systems, Revisisted

Has there been anything new on running a single REL-328 (or similar) with multiple (2) monoblock amplifiers since this topic was discussed back in 2010? I'm hoping to add an REL-328 to my current system which is running two (one for right channel and one for left channel) Marantz MA-500 monoblock amplifiers. I've seen numerous suggestions on how to connect this combination of components despite REL stating otherwise. Has anyone seen success with this over time? Is there a possibility of causing damage to the amplifiers?
I run run a Rel Storm III  with 2 mono blocks. It works great. This discussion came up earlier this year. You may want to search for that thread.

I've been doing some digging on the site for recent posts specific to this but not finding anything relevant.
Can you link me to one of the discussions?
What mono blocks are you using and how did you connect them?
Possibly you’ve checked or seen...

They provide some logic around why 2 subs are their recommendation, but it didn’t seem that it was a connection limitation or use.

I run my REL via LFE out of my DEQX, so I no longer use the hi-level neutrik setup.  I did run it off of my monoblocks at one point, unsuccessfully, as it created a hum and the amp manufacturer recommended adding some external component to address...which at that point I was no longer interested.