mono vinyl- which way to go?

Thimking of upgrading TT to raven one or two.Raven One (single tonearm) would have a graham phantom arm and dyna xv-1s cart. Raven two( 2 tonearms) would have a graham phantom tonearm with otono-edison miyajima premium mono well as a lesser tonearm with my existing dyna 20x cart. I listen 90% to mono (primarily 50's jazz) and 10% stereo vinyl. The raven one is a simpler setup but would i get the mono performance out of the xv-1 or am i better with the hybrid setup and a mono cart---cost is about the same. Please weigh in-which way to go?
go both ways, it assures you of always having a date...
Bwaahhhhaaaahhhhaaa! That was great!

Before you decide on any two arm setup, I suggest extensively auditioning with one arm and then compare with the second arm mounted. However, if you really do listen to 90% mono then why do any stereo at all? There is no real benefit to stereo unless you're just in to mind games like the rest of us.
If you have a Phantum go with an extra wand.

Both wands must be made of the same material.
I did this with my 2.2 and made the mistake of ordering the second wand without making sure thay were both made same material. Ceramic wands at one time had 2 differant core materials. I had to sell my origial wand and buy a new one again so they would be the same weight. The original ceramic wand was 10 grams heavier than the new one.
I ordered the extra wand when I ordered my phantum so it would not happen again.

Then you can have both stereo & mono.
Thats how I did it.
while i do not listen to mono much(at all), the one thing i miss is an extra arm, by all mean if you can aford it, two are better then one.