Mono's for HT Rear channels

I've recently moved all my amplification close to my front two speakers, and am contemplating that for the rears. Driving Martin Logan Requests and Theater i with Plinius SA 250 MK IV's (yes, there is a wasted channel on one of the plinius amps). Three foot biwired speaker cables, and 15 foot balanced cables.

My rears (martin logan Scripts) are at the end of 30 and 40 ft speaker cable runs. If i were to put mono amps at the rear speaker locations, i would punt on hiding the cables and the balanced cables would be 8 foot and 16 foot.

sooo...... (if you're not asleep yet...)

any thoughts on monos for those rears... should be balanced, or i'm not really gaining much. Need about 200 watts into 4 ohms. ...budget?... something less than $1800 for the pair. Stereo amps bridged to mono would also be okay, but physical size of the amps start to become an issue.

thanx for your thoughts....and happy holidays
Bryston makes a line of monoblock amps (called the PowerPack) that are specifically designed for mounting on the speaker itself, on the wall behind the speaker, etc. There are several different power ratings available: 60 watts, 120 watts, and 300 watts. For more info, here is the link for the 120 watt version:
I have used the Bryston Powerpak 120 for mono applications in my home theater set up, rears and center, with great results. They come with balanced and single ended connections.
Monarchy se-100delux's. Small size and 200w class A into 4 ohms. Both SE and XLR inputs.
there are a set of legacy monos on here for sale..real good amp coda makes them ,i would do the amps prpixel said to ,they would look good in the back with amp stamds .they run about 900.00 to
Look for a used pair of Carver Silver 9t monoblocs. They can be had for about $1200 to $1500. They drive my Infinity Kappa 9 speakers, which dip down to 1 ohm. They are rated at 900wpc at 4 ohms. They will give you more than enough muscle to drive your speakers.
thanx for the feedback folks. I was late for the legacy monos. The bryston's sound reasonable. I've had their products in the past and trust their build quality and sound.

Have a happy new year...and thanx again