Mono reissue of 'A Love Supreme'?

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a mono reissue of Coltrane's A Love Supreme on vinyl? I have the cd in stereo and, while its very well recorded, it has that funny early two channel deal where the horn is hard left and the rest of the band is hard right. It makes the piano bass and drums sound like they are stacked in a closet and the the horn sounds disconected from the rest of the band. Amazing record though!

A good clean mono original Impulse is a nice idea, but a little rich for my taste.
Don't blame "that funny early two channel deal" It was 1964.That's the "genius" of Rudy Van Gelder.If you are unsuccessful in your search,I likely have an extra mono around somewhere.
My mono copy sound WAY better than my late 70's ultra thin bad pressing. This would come as no surprise to any audiophile. However when I got the new deluxe CD (for the extras) I thought it sounded pretty good, a definite improvement mix-wise over the bad pressing. But still, in the final analysis, the mono is king. Beautiful thick vinyl, fantastic detail, dark luscious ambience. I think the same way about all the old Impulse releases, and all the old Beatles mono's too.

NOTE: check out Pharoah Sanders monos on Impulse especially.
Many Many thanks to Casey for sending me a mono copy of ALS. It does sound great, as suspected.