Mono recordings - Listen with one speaker or two??

I have been listening to the mono Beatles recordings using the two speakers of my 2 channel system and they sound great. But today I was daydreaming and wondered whether the mono recordings might sound even better using only a single speaker, since that is how they must have mixed/mastered back in the day. Does listening through two speakers somehow diminish the true mono experience? I have not tried it yet, but I intend to. Anyone already done it or have an opinion?
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You raise an interesting point! In the past, I beleive that people did listen through only one speaker! I have never done it, but my guess is that the soundstage would be reduced or lost by using one speaker instead of the two. Certainly, you would have to move either the speaker or your listening position to a center point as well.
You kids kill me "In the past,I believe that people did listen through only one speaker!" Before that,even paster,we listened directly to musicians playing, no speaker at all!At one time,much later,they tried to make us buy four speakers,but we wouldn't do it.Check out Gene Hackman in the film "The Conversation" for some truly hot one speaker action.
Years ago I had an old Altec triangular corner cabinet from the 50's. I used to listen to mono recordings through it alone, and it was really interesting. However I prefer mono through 2 speakers. I love the way it hangs in space.
If you are listening to the two speakers from a position which is centered between them, then the fact that there are two speakers would have the advantage of tending to smooth out unwanted room effects. So two speakers would likely be better in that situation than listening to a single speaker directly in front of you.

If you are listening from random other positions around the room, then I would imagine that having a single speaker might be better, because with two speakers comb filtering effects might arise due to having the same sound reaching your ears at multiple arrival times.

I've listened to numerous mono recordings (classical) with two speakers, from a properly centered listening position, and I've never sensed anything amiss. Like Chashmal, "I love the way it hangs in space."

-- Al
five speakers if you like...or earbuds.
To properly listen to mono you should cover one ear, otherwise the stereo perspective of using 2 ears will degrade the pure mono experience. I started with mono, 2 speakers are better.
My friend says that using a mono phono cartridge is the way to go... no vertical component in the groove wall and way less noise. He said there is a Denon model for less than $200 that is very good.

Other than that, I don't think it makes that much difference whether you listen to one or two speakers, although if you're listening directly on axis to only one speaker, the sound will likely be brighter and have less bass.
Surely mono means one, and stereo means two, so if one listens
through 2 speakers, then surely it is stereo, no?
Or have I missed something?So, if one listens to a mono recording through four speakers is that then quadraphonic?,
remember that? good old Quad, died quicker than laserdisc.
Mono recordings indeed do sound excellently airy also, the sound I agree just hanging somewhere.
I listened to one speaker of the Beatles mono re-masters when I was getting one of my speakers re-foamed. It is much better with two.
2 speakers but make sure you plug 1 ear.