Mono Playback?

I hate to reveal that I am one of the unwashed, but my curiosity overwhelms me. Evidently, many find pleasure in listening to monaural recordings of classical music. What is required to optimally replay a monaural LP? Is anything lost by playing this vinyl on a stereo setup? Do the truly hard core use a monaural stylus, mono amp, and one speaker? Just wondering.
I'm curious about this, too.

I know that many people are using special cartridges--the stylus size is slightly different for mono LPs. It's said that it makes a difference. However, I've always found that stereo all the way works fine for me.

I've heard some claim that an all mono system can be quite enjoyable, and it does have some advantages since there's only one speaker to place.
I would think that the all mono setup would appeal to someone who has a goal of stripping the entire listening process to its most basic elements. I am always trying to simplify after having been the biamped, external crossover, subwoofered route.

Half the interconnects, half the speaker cable, and, as you say,less speaker placement experimentation sound like a good world.
Well, I did find this small bit of information.

I was ready to explore, but the retail price of the cartridge exceeds the price of my turntable and cartridge!
Grado also makes mono cartridges, starting at (I think) under $100. There is a review of one on Audio Asylum.