mono or stereo cartridge when playing mono Lps??

just wondering.....

will harm come to my "stereo" cartridge when mono records are being played? will using a mono cartridge offer superior sound over stereo cartridges?

i don't know a lot about mono cartridges...any recommendations or comments are greatly appreciated.

mad over mono ; )
I cannot imagine why stereo cart would be damaged by playing mono recording. Dedicated mono cart should sound better though due to less surface noise.
Don't worry be happy!
When stereo came in there were few stereo records, so the new stereo cartridges had to be backward compatible. In the half century since, the standards have remained the same but the technology of stylus manufacture has undergone a revolution. The current crop of styli play by tracking parts of the grove walls not previously accessible with the old round tips. Therefore the used records are likely to sound better with a modern stylus than with the original. If you are really a nut, then there are some modern dedicated mono models, but they are unnecessary. Do, however, be advised that it WILL RUIN A STEREO RECORD TO PLAY IT WITH A MONO STYLUS.

hey guys...thanks a bunch! my mono lesson for today is very much appreciated.
What do you mean a mono cartridge us "unnecessary"? I've heard a Grado mono trounce a much more expensive stereo cartridge when each was used to play the same mono record.
I heard some good things about Grado ME+ on mono LP. My question is: Grado uses 1 mil profile stylus instead of 0.7 mil stereo stylus (such as Denon DL-102). With 1 mil profile, is it safe to play ALL mono LP from 40's to curret re-issues? For instances: Toscanini's 9 Beethoven's symphonies (NBC sym. oreh.), Frank Sinatra 50s, LP, Peggy Lee's original 50's LP, and S&P 180 re-issued Bewitching-Lee 180 gram LP? Are all the mono LP have the same wider groves that won't be ruined by 1 mil mono stylus?
Unless your arm has a removable headshell (god forbid) Lps are pain enough without changing cartridges. You'd need a second table. I love LP's, but digital is somuch more convenient I wish it sounded better.