Mono cartridge for Graham Phantom?

I have perhaps 100 mono lps and so friends and audiophiles alike tell me, "... you have got to get a mono cartridge..."

OK, so what goes good with a Graham Phantom 2, a KandK phono stage and an SP-10 Turntable? (My current cartridge is a Sumiko Celebration)

Let's say the budget is $750, but I'd pivot up or down for a great sound and cost performer. Thanks - Jeff
I have a Miyajima Premium BE which retails a little above your budget but is probably worth the extra cost. No experience with other mono cartridges to make a comparison, but I am very happy with my purchase. On the lower end of your range, the Denon 102 might be interesting. I'm interested to see what others suggest.
...a great sound and cost performer....

Good Mono Cartridge
Has anybody compared the Miyajima BE to the Music Man Maker mono cartridge? They are at fairly similar retail prices.

Any NOS mono cartridges that come to mind that would be a good match for the Phantom?

I've got a denon 103r and I've enjoyed it very much, so I'll definitely consider the denon 102. The Sumiko Celebration is much more refined that the 103r as one would hope, since its much more expensive and price performance does not always correlate well in this hobby. Do you think that I would get a lot more bang for the buck spending more for the Miyajima BE or the Music Man?

Thanks again, Jeff
I would not buy the Miyajima BE mono for the Phantom B-44 tonearm. I have the premium version of this cartridge properly mounted on the Phantom and it does not track well. I have to keep VTF at over 4gm. In this case the tonearm and the rigid suspension of the Miyajima do not work together. After few months my stylus rolled off the cantilever. 600 bucks to retip. And the distributor was of little help during the whole process of figuring out to get rid of distortion and mistracking.. Pity, as it's a great sounding cartridge.

In the words of Robin Wyatt, the distributor, "The Graham is a great arm but the PM BE is putting so much energy it is probably close to limit on the unipivot"
I have the Lyra Helikon Mono cartridge and have no issues with it.