Mono Cartridge -

Hi I would like to get some experience opinion on where is the best way to go about getting a good Mono Cartridge.

Maybe there is a dream mono cartridge out there ?

I see that most are 10-20kz, and some are 10-50kz,& .03-.09v

1- can you get away with less than $1,000.00

or do I have to spend 2-3K to get a good cartrige

My other Cartrige is a AT PC1

I like Classical / Jazz and Rock
I love deep clean Bass/ and sweet violins

your thoughts
I'm a lower budget guy so you may want to dismiss what I say. For the past couple of years I've used the low-budget Grado monos -- MC+ ($80) and ME+ ($130). Obviously they're not the last word in sonic quality, but they did cut down on a lot of groove noise, making some old monos actually listenable.

A couple of weeks ago I saw an add here on a'gon for a new mono cart from some guy in Japan, crossed my fingers and bought one. Here's a link to his ad, which is still active:

This cart really surprised me. It almost eliminated the groove noise on most of my mono LPs, while conveying very pleasing timbres for all instruments, and clean sound across the spectrum. Its .5mV output is perfect for me, as my stereo cart's output is .4mV,so I don't have to dig into the Phonomena to change gain. I've also left the loading alone (475ohms) and the cart just sings.

The only problem is it's way under $1k and you've defined "good" as $2-3k. But if you're willing to slum it, the thing might be a good starter mono cart for you. Good luck.
Otono-Edison Premium Mono-best of the best!!