Mono blocks vs 2ch stereo single amp / Krell

I curently have a Krell system with an FPB-400cx amp with cast innerconnects. Problem: I am moving to a different home where it is going to be difficult if not impossible to locate the amp in the center of the system. If I go to Mono FPB-450mcx amps with cast connections The problem will be solved. Is the sound quality worth the added cost or would you just figure a way to remodel the home to accomodate the single amp in the middle?
Any experiance out there would be appreciated.
Why not take a good listen in the new room without any preconceived notions before making a decision? You might have far bigger issues to solve first. Or maybe none at all...
I have a gas fireplace in the center so I can't set it up with the amp in the center. I need to remove the fireplace or go to mono amps. A different location will not work in the house. I could raise the fireplace and locate the amp under it, but I really don't like that idea very much.
Thanks, John
Go with the monoblocks. I had compared Krell FPB 250M to the FPB 200 and the monoblocks were much better. I am now using three 350 MCX. I don't know much it would cost to remodel the fireplace to fit the 400 but it might be cheaper to get the monoblocks and better as well I think there is used pair being sold here.
I was wondering about this myself. I currently have the 400cx and was thinking about the 450mcx - huge price differences. I called a dealer that sell both of these amps and I was told not worth the extra money for the monos. There will be no gain in performance what so ever. I would also like to hear from someone actually own the 400cx then upgraded to the 450mcx.
I once had the 400cx. I liked it alot so I upgraded to the 450mcx. The difference was easily heard with more bass, bigger soundstage, and less strain. Yes I thought the upgrade was worth the money but I also had speakers that were hard to drive.
I was using cast cable with both amps. I guess it would come down to your budget.
You will have problem here, does not mater with mono block or stereo amp, because you have to run the cable from your preamp to that mono block any way. So why don't you run speaker cable around the fireplace and all the components in one side instead the CD player and preamp one side then amps and speaker on both side? waste money, and don't ever change your system if it sound good to you just leave it and enjoy instead. I did make the mistake and it does cost me alot to fix it, by upgrade the speakers then the amp is not enough power to drive it then it cost more than I thought, but I fix it, never tough it again.

The amp doesn't physically have to be in the center between
the speakers. As long as you have equal length speaker
cables [ and even that isn't absolutely necessary ], you
can put the amp anywhere you like; and your speakers won't
know the difference.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
My recent research has indicated that the cast cable length has no adverse effect. So if I locate all my equipment on one side, and run longer lengths of cast cable to the mono amps, with my short speaker cables that would be less cost then replacing the speaker cables. I have Mit Oracle bi-wire speaker cables. The cost to alter the fireplace isn't a big problem. It's just that I would like to locate the flat screen TV above the fireplace too. If I raise the fireplace the TV would be to high. It all seems trivial when you see all the flooded homeless people in Louisiana doesen't it!
John, The blocks will be audible. Get longer CAST and sell me the short ones! You may hurt the resale value of your home by messing with the fireplace. Not everyone has their priorities correct! Z.